no. 647 – Sugar Buzz Kill

Just wrapped up my 28w appointment. Fun facts?

Failed my glucose screening by one measly point. That’s right. I’ve earned a three-hour visit to the hospital because I scored 131. I knew I shouldn’t have had that bowl of cereal before chugging (and burping) my way through that nasty so-called drink.

Murdock’s kidney size is just a scosch out of wonk. My OB explained that they see this in about 5-10% of prenates and almost all concerns are alleviated by the time of the birth. Nonetheless, it has earned me yet another scan later.

Speaking of size, Murdock is measuring approximately three days ahead of gestational age. Apparently, that is OK.

My iron levels are still low so my attempt to bring it up by not filling out the iron supplements script from a month ago and getting iron supplemented chewables didn’t work. Suckage.

Lastly, I have to admit that at our 20w ultrasound I would have hedged my bets that Murdock was a girl. I now have to say I’m betting a boy. I had a girl’s name picked out. Now I have to seriously consider a boy’s. Coming up with one that strikes us both as "perfect" as XBoy’s is going to be difficult. Maybe something that reflects Murdock’s rural roots, like Hoss (I graduated with a Hoss), Virgil, or Bubba (which actually is more of a "southern" name). Feel free to make your own stereotypical suggestions.

I’m going to lay down now. I’m coming off a nasty glucose high.

23 thoughts on “no. 647 – Sugar Buzz Kill”

  1. Oh the name picking… Before getting pregnant I thought it would be so much fun, but it’s a lot of pressure! Probably the only nice thing about delivering 11 weeks early was not agonizing over names any longer. It’s such a personal thing, but everyone has an opinion!

    Sorry to hear about the gluclose test. Damn point. Plus that drink is horrible. During mine, the lovely nurse pointed out that in some clinics they don’t use that horribly sweet drink. Instead the pregnant mom gets to eat a king sized Snickers bar (guess it has about the same amount of sugars)! Now that would be a test I’d look forward to.

  2. I would suggest Angus, but I’m still holding out that I’ll be able to give that name to an offspring of my own – besides the four legged black lab that already answers to the same prestigious moniker.

    Knowing your last name, I really like how it sounds with Jaxson.

    Or, if you want one of the trendy Montana names, choose Bridger or Colter.

  3. Bocephus? Bo for short? ;o) Henry/Hank? James Robert/Jim-Bob? Junior? Tiny? Stibbs?

    Could you email me your mailing addy when you get a chance? I can’t find it anywhere!

  4. I have so been meanign to e-mail you some boy names. I love Rex & Rory. I met a pair of twins with these names and thought of you immediately. Henry is also a favorite & I love Clover or Clovis also. Since we are not changing our childs name (M.’s only strong request – it was a trade off that is allowing me to chose gender for #2 – yes we are crazy, I know) I can dream with you.

    Glad to hear all went well -I have been teaching all day and cursing that I cannot use my BB on a hospital floor to check for updates. Somethings I jst need to know & this update was one of them.

  5. Oh, Suzanne. I knew you were going to say they adopted a dog named Molly. EVERYONE has a dog named Molly, or knows one.

    I like Bittermama’s suggestion.

    And, Hoss? As is Bonanza? Seriously?

  6. umm…. how about “Murdock”? lolol – I know, too obvious! And as a southern girl, the only rule about naming boys is the he needs two first names. You know: Jessey Ray, Bobby Joe, Jimmy Earl.

  7. Good luck picking boy names. I am still hoping Murdock is a girl. Because you will be getting some boxes of stuff then. We tried picking out boy names but had a really hard time and had Marjorie picked for the girl name as soon as I got pregnant. So maybe if you can only think of girl names then Murdock is a girl. Yeah, slap me, I am having a Merry Sunshine moment. 😉

    I haven’t abandoned you either, I just don’t read until so many others have commented with the same thing I would say.

    So have a girl dang nabit! We will love it either way though. Sorry about the glucose thing. I would ask to just do the one hour over again. Since it was so close. Can’t hurt to ask. Good luck. Hugs! I am working on getting that package in the mail still.

  8. Oh man, I was going to say Roscoe but Scissorbill beat me to it.

    Have you seen that Baby Name Wizard book? You could look up Xboy’s name and see what it recommends. We had a much easier time with girls’ names than boys’ names.

    My friend says you should test boys names by saying “[blank] always has beer in his fridge” and see how it sounds. And for girls: “Princess [blank], Esquire”

  9. Another thing – Dino, I’m with you – no people names for your dog. My brother has some friends that are adamant about that and when they adopted a dog named Molly they changed her name to Smolly.

  10. We had a ton of boys names (which I think only we liked) and could only agree on one girl’s name. If we have another girl I’m afraid she’s getting a very boyish name.

    When I was 30 weeks I started measuring two weeks ahead. Giant baby predictions ensued as well as comments from the ultrasound tech that the baby had a “big head and big abdomen.” She was 7 lbs 5 oz (a full pound less than they predicted) and had a perfectly average head and tummy. I think measuring ahead is just growth spurts sometimes.

    When you go for the 3 hour test, ask if you can just have cupcakes instead of nasty drink.

  11. Hmm, sounds like my glucose test. And everything turned out okay in the end, but yes, you are right, it sucks to have to do it over again.

    As for the kidney, yeah, make them look at it again, just because you have paranoid friends. And make them remeasure your amniotic fluid as well, because both are related and you’ve made it so far dammit that I can’t bear for you to get so much as a hangnail.

  12. One point?! Ugh, sorry you have to go in for the 3 hour test.

    It’s sounds like Murdock is thriving. Names? I’m not very good with the boy’s names.

  13. I’m glad the little guy is ok. I have a personal favorite of DeWayne (pronounced DEEE wayne). I don’t know why.

    I loved the post on your other blog. My comments have gone way down since the start of my pregnancy…makes me sad. I don’t want to make other people sad because I’m happy.

  14. Good lord – am I the only one that thinks boy names are so much easier to come up with? Our favourite girl name was rejected when our next door neighbours used it for their new puppy ????????????

    When did people start using “people” names for animals? Maybe you should do the reverse. Does Rex work for you (another X-boy) – how about King or Spot?

    Sorry about the glucose and wrt the last post, you’ve been a leaver before too haven’t you? I never took it to heart but empathized completely with people who left when I was pregnant (tenuous though the pregnancy was but maybe that’s what made it easier for people to stay).


  15. Has the ob mentioned alternative Iron therapies? I currently go 3 times per week and get hooked up to an IV for Venofer treatments. It seems to be helping to raise my hemoglobin levels, and I’m less concerned that I’ll bleed out during birth now! 🙂

  16. That’s not too bad of an appointment! You’ll probably pass the hospital’s test.. and even if you don’t it’s not the worst thing.

    I had the hardest time naming David. But we stuck to the classics…

    btw, my Dad’s name is George but the family calls him Butch. Gotta love the white trash side of my family. lol

  17. we had to make the naming gear-switch too (but you know that, don’tcha?) — we thought for sure we were having another girl, and had a whole bunch of names picked out, and then voila! penis.

    I have to admit, though, we’re having a great time with a whole new set of names.

    btw, sorry about the glucose test.

  18. Boy names are insanely hard to come up with. I am tapped out completely after my boys. I think if (strong, strong if here) I have another one, I’m going to have to come up with some sort of mish-mash of Alexander and Benjamin.

    Good luck and feel better DD.

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