no. 648 – Hey, Hey! More Nail-Biting (not) Updates!

I went ahead and took the bull by the horns and scheduled my "three" hour fasting for Friday. Why they call it "three hour" is beyond me since it actually starts at midnight. I’m in bed by 9:00. Should I really try to get up before midnight, eat something, and then try to get back to sleep and hope I don’t urp it up? Oh, the dilemma!

I’m going to see if I can bring my laptop while I’m between blood lettings to do some blogging or twittering or both. Should be exciting, no?

Also had a good chat with Mr. DD. He knows that he’s been a ghost for both myself and XBoy. He confirmed that since his father is now displaying his old "charm" that it shouldn’t be too much longer before they discharge him. As for time with us, he had decided to take a week off before the baby’s due date to spend it with XBoy taking him to the zoo, parks, and whatnot. Then he plans on taking another week off after Murdock makes an appearance to be at home.

I didn’t even have to cry or beg or make a crazy-ass fool of myself since he had already thought this out. It doesn’t necessarily solve our more immediate issues, but just knowing that all of it has been on his mind helps.

Just for fun, I presented the girl’s name to XBoy . . . I think he actually sneered at me as he repeated the name questionably out loud. Um, I take that’s a "no" on the name? Like I’m going to let him have a say? HA!

12 thoughts on “no. 648 – Hey, Hey! More Nail-Biting (not) Updates!”

  1. I know it doesn’t help right now, but the idea of having him around for 2 whole weeks is something to look forward to, right? I wish my husband could take time off to spend with us now, but I know we’ll need him a lot more once the baby arrives.

  2. It’s good to hear Mr. DD was clueless about what’s been going on. Maybe you should keep him after all!

    I’m trying to think of girl’s names little boys would sneer at and haven’t a clue. Do tell, please!

  3. Glad Mr. DD is coming through for you. Husbands are harder to raise than kids. (Not that I know anything about raising kids, but I have to hope that they are easier than husbands. More maleable anyway.) Mine is in the doghouse right now. We don’t have a dog.

  4. Good for Mr DD that he is thinking about this stuff and now telling you about it. Siblings are not to be trusted with name choice – my sister’s eldest suggested “Voldemort” for his brother – not much subtext there!

  5. I love it when they think things out for themselves. Sometimes they actually take the time to communicate those thoughts to us.

    So, waht are those girl names? Also, would you let your boy wear purple? How about your daughter in green? Let may be the wrong choice of words here, but I have lots of babies due this summer/fall and I have presents galore to finish and I need to make plans for gender switchers. That pattern is pretty genderless and crap, I fear I am getting into the gender game that I swore I would not, but come on, I cannot be that progressive.

  6. I’m glad about Mr.DD and yeah, isn’t if funny about how kids think they get a vote about the new babies? Names, rooms, mere existence….

  7. So glad the Mr. talked with you about all that stuff. It’s amazing how much these guys keep inside of themselves.

    LOL about Xboy not being to pleased with the girl’s name 😀

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