no. 654 – Taking a Seat

Since the calendar was flipped to May, I’ve been thinking a lot about Mother’s Day. I’ve experienced it at its best: I still have my own mother here to talk to and seek advice from, who more often than not lately makes me want to pull out every eyelash I have – one at a time – as well as to be a mother myself; and at its worst: to have the past couple of years go by that serve as reminders that Mother’s Day 2005 was one of four (and the first) due date that found me in a vacuum of depression. I think of May 8th as not just a missed due date, but a "should have" birthdate for a baby girl who might have turned three this year, if only…if…

Sometime last May, after Mother’s Day, I read about a blogger* who decided to remain seated during the Mother’s Day blessing at her church. It was her way of remembering the women who ache for a child but battle against the cruel odds of infertility.

That idea has been with me all these months, and this year I will follow suit and remain seated during Sunday’s blessing. It’s a simple action, but one taken because I simply have no words that could possibly sooth the pain that generally goes without acknowledgment in too many.


* I apologize for not having a link as I cannot recall who it was. If you know, please feel free to email me and I will udpate.

6 thoughts on “no. 654 – Taking a Seat”

  1. No church for me… so not an issue. But I did send this suggestion out to everyone in my address book. I also added the idea of asking pastors / priests to maybe include a public acknowledgement and / or prayer for the mothers yet-to-be who wish for motherhood but have not yet had that wish fulfilled. Several friends responded that they’d forwarded the email to their pastors in the hope they would include it in their sermons on Sunday. I’m hoping that maybe at least one woman in a congregation somewhere will benefit and know that she’s not alone – even if she doesn’t feel that others in her situation exist. Thanks for a pay-it-forward moment.

  2. Isn’t it so strange how this holiday can create such a mixed bag of feelings? I’m going to be at a wedding that day so no church (okay, okay, shul). But I’ll be thinking about you sitting down and sending good thoughts.

  3. I’ve been thinking about you and May 8th and our babies who would have been three now.

  4. I remember being very moved by that post. Such a simple gesture yet such a big one at the same time.

    Unfortunately, I can’t remember who it was either.

  5. I like the gesture of it, the meaning.

    I simply won’t be going to church. I can rail at god from home just as well.

    But I can take a seat there too.

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