As I’ve been considering consolidating my life down from four blogs to three (I still maintain In-Laws Suck and then of course, Maternal Heart’s Essence), I need to become a little more wordpress savvy beyond the basics.

I don’t want emails to go to the ddknockedup address but to another email. I changed it in the Settings, but comments still go to knockedup. I feel a little self-conscious replying to your comments and knowing that you have to look at that stupid user name.

The other problem I’ve been trying to resolve is posting my feeds to here as one big file (OPTML or OPML or somethingorother file). I’ve tried on several occasions to import my bloglines, but it’s not working. Any suggestions on that one?

Lastly, what kind of things do you like to see on the side bars of a blog? What DON’T you like to see? If you don’t tell me, I won’t know, and I’m all about being a people-pleaser!

Except to my in-laws. Screw them.

no. 664 – My Plans Include Not To Have A Plan

As I log into Typepad, I now see why it was playing all kinds of fuckery with me the other night: they've updated some features…in case you wanted to know.

Today I had my 31 week OB appointment. Kind of. Even though I waited nearly an hour in the lobby, and then spent another 30 minutes in the exam room, the only person to see me was the obstetric nurse. Damn those OBs who are licensed to perform surgeries anyway. So an emergency c-section sent him out of the clinic. The nerve.

Blood pressure was one hundred something over eighty something. I never pay much attention because after being lauded so many times about having marvelous blood pressure, I sometimes wish to be surprised: "holy crap! you're blood pressure is 318 over 140!"

My measurements for the FunYums, fungus, fundum, fundus was 31inches cm. Apparently right on track. I make note because this is the first time it's been measured. Even though I'm on the twilight of 32 weeks, I had to ask for it.

Heart-rate in the 140 range, which prompted the nurse to guess that Murdock is a girl. Personally, I've never understood any of those old wives' tales, like the dangling ring, carrying height, or even the Chinese calendar predictions.

That's not to say I haven't plugged in information into the calendar predictions…

The problem with the Chinese calendar is that where it asks for age of mother at conception, do I use my age or the donor's? And then it wants to know month of conception. Since you use the Chinese calendar, which is not the same as the anglo's calendar, the months don't jive. And even if my feeble mind can figure that out, I'm not sure what their definition of conception is; the day of my LMP? or the day of retrieval and fertilization? If you don't think it matters, I can assure you that depending on what I use, the results are different: 50% of the time it's a boy and the other 50% of the time it's a girl.

Go figure (figuratively, not literally).

Lastly, we were going to try to schedule my c-section. For personal reasons, I want 7/16. Unfortunately, there has been a more recent hullabaloo about "early" c-sections (not just elective, but repeat), that strongly urges none to be scheduled prior to 39 weeks. 7/16 puts me less than two days shy of that magical 39.

"Of course, if you go into labor early then you would get the c-section early"…quote courtesy the nurse. Because that will be much more enjoyable than trying to make arrangements for my son and feel some measure of control.

Hey! Look at that! I'm actually bitching because I may not get the "birth plan" I want!

Next on T.K.O: Breastfeeding Woes and Belly Rubbing!! *

* Not really.