As I’ve been considering consolidating my life down from four blogs to three (I still maintain In-Laws Suck and then of course, Maternal Heart’s Essence), I need to become a little more wordpress savvy beyond the basics.

I don’t want emails to go to the ddknockedup address but to another email. I changed it in the Settings, but comments still go to knockedup. I feel a little self-conscious replying to your comments and knowing that you have to look at that stupid user name.

The other problem I’ve been trying to resolve is posting my feeds to here as one big file (OPTML or OPML or somethingorother file). I’ve tried on several occasions to import my bloglines, but it’s not working. Any suggestions on that one?

Lastly, what kind of things do you like to see on the side bars of a blog? What DON’T you like to see? If you don’t tell me, I won’t know, and I’m all about being a people-pleaser!

Except to my in-laws. Screw them.


  1. OK, I’m totally clueless because I never knew In Laws Suck was you. Must pull head out of ass.

    I will follow your blog anywhere, even if you go to Blogger.

    How does a girl get the password to the juicy posts? You might as well give me what I want. If not I’ll just keep throwing sheep at you in Facebook….

  2. I like to see stuff like recent comments and links to your blogging pals. I also like to see links to stuff that interests you. I love photos on blogs, it doesn’t have to be of you and your family, just photos of random stuff.

  3. Too many things on the sidebar and the blog will not load….which is a huge problem.

    If you do upload your bloglines, do it on a separate page so that it doesn’t slow down your front page posts, please!

    And then tell me how to do it, so I can too!

  4. Try updating your email in your profile too (my profile is usually in my upper right hand corner of dashboard) but I use a really old version of Word Press so it might be different. And the other stuff? Eh – who knows?

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