So it’s no big secret that I’m pregnant through a fresh donor-egg cycle. However, it has been rather difficult for me to really talk about being pregnant. You know, all that survivor-guilt bullshit added to the idea that I’m might just be tempting the gods to rain their fury down on me.

But it’s due time for me to just dump it all out here.

I’ll be 33 weeks tomorrow, the 29th of May. I had an OB appt today and I’ve gained a respectable 26 pounds. Only couple more than I did with XBoy. Then again, I was probably 20 pounds lighter seven years ago. I feel like a lumbering cow, thank you. My friend told me that at least my face doesn’t look fat…she’s lucky I like her.

It’s been an unfortunate act of nature that my placenta is anterior. Movement from the baby is greatly reduced. I never feel Murdock’s movements when standing. I would also have to say I rarely ever get any kicking. Instead it’s rolling, or as Michelle described recently with her pregnancy, the baby seems to be practicing a lot of yoga poses.

I cannot bend over to pick up things. Hence the reason I feel like crying when I drop things, which is often. Last night I sat on the floor, legs stretched out in front of me and tried to reach my toes. I could barely touch my knees. According to books and websites, when purchasing maternity clothes, purchase your regular pre-pregnancy size. They are fucking liars. Or, let me put this less harshly: purchase your regular pre-pregnancy size for your first and maybe your second trimester, but kiss anything size Small to Medium good-bye in the third. No matter that you may have been a size 2 before pregnancy, you will be a large or x-large by the 8th month. I dare you size 2 girls to dispute this openly.

I will have another ultrasound in two weeks to check Murdock’s growth and to see what is going on with his/her kidneys, which were measuring a bit large on our last ultrasound. I try not to think about it, nor google it, since OB said it’s usually  nothing to worry about. I will probably also do a non-stress test as an added precaution since that is what showed us that I required extra monitoring when I was pregnant with XBoy.

My OB also was swayed into letting me schedule a c-section a day earlier than 39 weeks. He said that the problems that have surfaced regarding earlier c-sections have to do with women who really don’t know when their due dates are. You know? Those women who get pregnant without either the low-tech ovulation sticks, or high-tech ART? So the next time someone dares to say to me, “You’re  the reason the cost of healthcare is rising,” in response to my c-section announcement will not only get a size 7 (OK, size 8. Shoe sizes don’t remain the same, either) shoved squarely up their ass but an earful of how it’s couples who don’t know the difference between ovulation and ovation; or luteal phase and lunar phase, that may be to blame.

So there you have it. Me at a mind-numbing 33 weeks pregnant. Still with no boy’s name*. Still with only the baby clothes that Shanna sent me (Thank you, again!). And still using the doppler after Murdock refuses to be poked, shoved or sugared up to move after what I think is still too long of a time motionless, which may only be 30 minutes.

Housekeeping notes (I almost typed “Hosekeeping…”):

Currently, there appears to be only one feed for this blog:

I don’t know if I need to do something else, or if this is the only one that I will have. Someone will have to let me know. Update/Add as you see fit.

I know how difficult or uncomfortable it can be to ask for a password. I feel a little intrusive and self-conscious when I have to ask, so I get it. The password protected posts are there to protect me from co-workers who continue to feel morally compelled to get information about my pregnancies, IVFs, and miscarriages from my blog rather than myself; and to keep my husband’s family from putting a hit on me. If you have asked for the password and I have not responded, it’s not because I don’t want you to have it. It’s because I didn’t get your email or it dropped into the spam bucket. Just let me know if I’ve missed you. If you feel more comfortable getting the password from a blogger you recognize from here, I don’t have a problem with that, either, as long as you as the blogger giving it out can vouch for the requester.

* Seriously, we have no idea one way or another if Murdock is a boy or a girl. It’s just that I have a girl’s name ready, but no boy’s name. I’m starting to stress a bit about that.

17 thoughts on “ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?”

  1. OK, you’re the first in blogland to know… Buddy’s real name is I.a.n C.h.r.i.s.t.o.p.h.e.r. I also liked Jeffrey for a boy but H was less than thrilled with it.

  2. As a former (note the FORMER) size two I can confirm that yes, there was no way I was getting my fat ass into any kind of size 2 maternity clothing after the first trimester. I think those clothes are made for size 00’s. Like Nicole Ritchie and skeletons.

  3. I so wish I had a doppler!! I thought about getting one this time around because I get very freaked out when my little one doesn’t show a lot of movement. I also have an anterior placenta but had a posterior one with my son Aiden so it’s weird to me to have the differences in activity. I can’t tell you how many glasses of water I drink and then lie down for a few minutes to poke and prod my belly so that she will move. At least then I breathe a little easier.

    I would love the password if you wouldn’t mind sharing it. 🙂

  4. Sounds like the thing that Will had with his kidneys. He’s fine.

    Isn’t there a website that tells you good names to match with siblings? You would enter XBoy’s name & it spits out things that sound good together.

  5. Hang in there! Not much longer now until wee little Murdock makes his/her appearance. We always had a hard time with boys names too.

  6. With the girls I started at a size 4/6 pre-pg and was busting out of the xl maternity stuff I owned by delivery. This time I started significantly smaller and still can’t find anything to wear beyond dresses. My pre-pg stuff is too tight, but the smallest maternity pants i can find fall down. I think maternity stuff is just screwed up in every single way down the line, so it doesn’t work for anyone. Just remember that it’s not you, it’s those bastards who design this stuff!

  7. *standing up and clapping*

    I’m SO GLAD you’re comfortable enough to talk about your pregnancy!

    And maternity wear (full STOP) is all the work of the devil. I lived in gypsy skirts and bigger and bigger (and then humongous) t-shirts.

  8. He has a name! Murdock is a strong, “i’m gonna kick your ass on the playground” name. Does it matter that I am at the same weight I was when I had S3 THIRTEEN years ago??? Lost it, gained it, lost it, gained it and said screw it.

  9. Gosh girl 33 weeks already?? You freaking ROCK!!! I am so excited for you, and at the risk of sounding like a dofus, My name has a male version!!! LOL I so totally agree with you on the maternity clothes thing to… they do fucking lie!!! Pissed me off… hell I can’t get into the first maternity shirt I bought, and Turtle is 4 months old!!! Go freaking figure!! Anyway, I have a feeling that you are going to be gender neutral in your house when this little one comes, but as I shamelessly said above, the male version of my name is just to cute!!! :oP~~~~

  10. I do remember that awful moment when none of the maternity stuff fit anymore – so depressing. What is this non-stress test you all talk about – I guess we must call it something different here.

  11. Sounds like things are going well – so glad.

    I’m starting to out grow maternity wear too and I find it depressing. The things I laughed at being so large I would never fill it up are now a little snug.

    Don’t you hate when they mention something off-handedly that is off in an ultrasound? They told me my amnio fluid is on the high side of normal. Just off hand that it was something they would keep an eye on. Don’t they know the scary shit google tells me about that kind of thing? I had to stop after reading the first few hits.

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