no. 669 – Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong…

…that every time I drop something on the floor I simultaneously get vertigo and want to burst into tears?


Is it wrong…

…that every time I walk down an aisle or hallway, I feel as if I’ve been transported into an old-fashioned western movie (in which case I would say this all damn day)?


Is it wrong…

…that every time I look down at the keyboard, I recall the Seinfeld episode about Man Hands?


Yes, I’m bitching. I’m a hormonal, emotional mess. Venting keeps me from focusing on my fears. And I swear to you, I am more frightened now of something happening than I was during the first 14 weeks of this pregnancy. Countdown is (almost) official: exactly seven weeks from today is the latest we will have to go.

12 thoughts on “no. 669 – Is It Wrong?”

  1. Well, pilgrim, won’t be long now. You just mosey on down yonder to the waterin’ hole & good ol’ John Wayne will rub your feet. (The only JW movie I truly truly enjoyed was True Grit & The Quiet Man)

    Oh god. The man-hands. I already have big hands, and at the 8 month stage, they were GROSS!

    Only 7 more weeks huh? So exciting!

  2. Believe me, I know. To make it that far and have something go terribly wrong was the hardest part- I just wanted it to be over and to know they were breathing and alive.

    Wish I had something better to say than “hang in there,” but that’s all I’ve got.

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