no. 671 – Dump

I am appalled at what some people will dump in the ditches outside of town along the gravel roads. A couple years ago, two blue recliners were left in a culvert down the road from us. Last year, a TV found its way not far from there. Lord knows what other crap gets left in the middle of the night.

But what makes me absolutely livid are those people who go through the trouble of bagging their lawn clippings and then drive a couple miles outside of town to dump those clippings, bag and all, in a ditch.

How seriously lazy and egomaniacal are these people? Yard nazis who don't realize first of all how healthy it is to mulch their grass, and then can't simply open the bags and just dump the grass out. Hell, my husband and I are always willing to take our town-living friends' clippings to help improve our sandy soil.

God help any asshole I find dumping their shit in our ditches. And it WILL happen. And it WILL NOT be pretty. Fuckers.

6 thoughts on “no. 671 – Dump”

  1. I agree … fuckers.

    We get cats dumped off on our road. They never fail to make their way to one of the barns. Unfortunatly not everyone living on a country road wants a cat someone no longer have time for. Worst part is most that are dumped are pregnant female and we end up with a zillion cats. Sadly these cats grow up feral and have to be destroyed. People don’t think.

    Two recliners and a TV? You could totally redecorate your livingroom.

  2. ummm, fuckers?

    I thought dumpers would be more appropriate….

    Oh, this is one of those times where male helping is best done by quietly nodding ones head in agreement.

    nodding my head in agreement, waving hand over head…testify girl! Testify!!

    seriously tho, good luck on stopping the dumping!

  3. As my Dad would have said: Lazy ass som’bitches! I wish I could say I was surprised at the laziness of some humans, but alas, I am too jaded.

    Like Statia used to do, I get to leave all green waste next to the curb on trash day, and a tractor drives by and removes it for composting. I can do this for an entire tree (cut up) all the way down to the more mundane trimmings.

  4. I got shit to dump in your britches. I mean ditches.

    Seriously. I don’t get that either. I just don’t get bagging grass clippings period. They do it here, but where I lived in CA, you left all your landscape clippings on the curb and they recycled it.

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