I have tried a variety of pillow forms to gain some comfort sleeping. It’s hard to determine if they help since they only seem to add to the sauna-like feeling of my bed and of course there’s the additional mass, which if it gets much bigger will surely alter the ocean tides. But I keep trying different combinations of pillows because if I didn’t, I couldn’t bitch to you and hope for more suggestions, now could I?

I’m not ready to give up mowing yet. It’s not like I’m pushing around any devices. Remember I live on an acreage. Anything that doesn’t take out about a five foot swath of grass weeds is worthless. If my husband had been around on Sunday while I was mowing I would have had him take a picture.

Imagine if you can, me in a sports bra, covered by a tank top “matched” with a pair of my husband’s old sweat pants cut off raggedly above the knees. Add to that, ankle socks and my (bright) yellow crocs. Finally to add the capital “K” to the klassy look I was sporting, a green bandanna to cover my hair and safety glasses. While I always tell friends and family they are welcome to stop by anytime, I’m sure I would have hoped to be swallowed up by the yucca plants if anyone had actually stopped by that day.

Generally, it’s low impact, minus the bouncing over the ruts, so I consider it relatively safe. Plus, as soon as Murdock starts objecting, I take a break.

Remember the family picture we were going to take for the church snoop bookdirectory? We got the picture back and I have it scanned. I’ll share the final look below, but first you should know that it’s obvious I’m pregnant; and secondly, my hair is NOT that color. I don’t know what the hell they did to it, but it doesn’t have that red in it anymore and it has blonde highlights. It’s like they painted over my hair. Ugh. Good thing the actual published photo will probably be the size of a postage stamp.


 P.S. Today is XBoy’s procedure. Think painless thoughts for him.


  1. I also wanted to say what a nice picture it is of the three of you, even if they did do something strange to the color of your hair. Quite flattering though!

  2. I’m still riding my bike at 25 weeks (most people seem to think I’m insane). Given that, I think mowing is just fine. Honestly I wouldn’t even think twice about a push mower. But I’m apparently something of an anomaly.

  3. I hope XBoy’s procedure goes ok and you’re ok, too.

    So would have loved to see a pix of klassy DD on the lawnmower! Tell Mr. DD not to go anywhere next Sunday.

    That’s a great family picture. (Even if the color is off). You look terrific!

  4. Whenever I gaze lovingly at a photo of you, I am baffled at how a sweet, churchgoing woman like your fine self can have such a potty mouth. Looks can be deceiving, oh yes they can.

    Good luck X-Boy. Say no to pain.

  5. Yup – we need a photo of the mowing outfit. The family one came out really well even if the hair is the wrong colour. Thinking pain free thoughts for X-Boy.

  6. Your pic is adorable….partially because we currently have the same haircut, which is mighty hot I must add. Sometimes I flip just those front end chuncks out for the riding a bike in the wind with a helmut look that is just way to avant garde for Mpls folk who tell me my hair is sticking out.

    And, yes, mowing the lawn is physical activity. Heck when you are carrying around another creature just thinking could consitute exercise. I love the maternity shirt, but I even love more that you are able to wear it.

  7. aww lookie lookie at the lovely family.
    I’m pissed off because I had the pumkin seeds in my hand when I was packing my stuff in NB and now I can’t find them in Ontario and I WANT TO PLANT THEM! So I think of you everyday.

  8. Okay, first of all I like the picture – wish I could back in time two years and show it to you – you look happy, HAPPY, yes, *HAPPY*.
    But… could you please also take one the next time you’re on the mower and post it or at least send it to me, please???
    By the way, does the hubby double as a bouncer on the weekends?
    Take care

  9. I’m all for mowing while pregnant. Those ride-on mowers are fun, right? I was push-mowing our yard throughout my pregnancy, though Sugardaddy was a bit dismayed when one of our (not-so-new) neighbors told him he’d thought I was a single mom.

    What a great picture!

    And of course I’ll be thinking of x-boy today.

  10. Great picture of the DD family!
    Keep on keeping on with those pillow arrangements. Perhaps you will find the right arrangement sooner rather than later.

    Ok, the mowing. Yeah, I was picturing you using a push mower. Your attire for said mowing experience? Perfect. That is exactly the kind of thing you should wear, especially if you live out in the country. I mean, what, is the lawn going to judge you on your looks as you trim it up? 😀

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