no. 673 – Maybe TypePad is Trying to Tell Me Something

I was going to post a redirect to my new home, Punch Drunk, this weekend, except TypePad has decided to suddenly acquire this nice little glitch that allows only 100 posts to be exported from their files.

100 posts from no. 672 would be no. 572, right?

The last post I had exported from TypePad a few months ago was no. 555. That's right. 17 posts and the related comments are hanging in limbo land and I'll be freaking pissed if they don't have this resolved soon because here's the other issue:

I was also sent a reminder that my enrollment expires June 21 here unless I update the expiration date on my credit card info, which I don't want to do.

So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't want to lose those 17 posts because they also happen to fall during some of the more emotional parts of this pregnancy: November and December.

Shit. My move may have to be put on hold, and I hate having any part of my life on hold, even if it is "just" blogging.

And another thing, it seems my new posts on Punch Drunk aren't showing up on Bloglines? Any one else notice this or am I just super oblivious?

8 thoughts on “no. 673 – Maybe TypePad is Trying to Tell Me Something”

  1. No, they aren’t showing up on Bloglines. I found them on my WordPress dashboard.

    Is my latest showing up on yours?

  2. Oooh, Kate’s idea sounds like a good one.

    No updates for me either since Maternal Heart’s Essence. Hopefully it’s just temporary!

  3. Wait, you have another blog?

    Haha…I really do slay myself. Incidentally, as the others have said it doesn’t look as if Bloglines is updating the feed. It did work for awhile, but alas…no longer.

  4. How about deleting 17 of the latest posts once you’ve exported the last 100? That should give you enough lee-way to export those extra ones.

  5. The last one I got on Bloglines was the maternal heart’s essence. I ythought you were a bit quiet. It also happened for me a few days ago with Niobe’s blog. It recovered though.

  6. Is that what’s going on? I’ve been trying to export posts from one typepad account to the other for like 2 weeks and nothing’s happening. It says its exported, but then when I try to import, I get nada. Argh!

  7. DAMN!! They aren’t showing up are they? Your last one isn’t… at least but your one before that showed up for me. What a crock!! I count on bloglines to help me out and they let me down!!

  8. Can you just cut and paste the 17 posts? Then maybe RSS feed the comments to your bloglines/ google reader and copy them from there to wordpress? I’m totally talking out of my ass on the whole comments thing. I have no idea if that would or work or not.

    No, I’m not getting notified of new posts at the other address. However, bloglines is being equally deficient, in that there a lot of blogs it is refusing to let me know about updates. It’s not even all wordpress, blogspot, etc. It is all diffrent domain names.

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