Me: C’mon…you know you wanna….

Him: No. I will feel…uncomfortable

Me: Please?! I need you.

Him: Fine. We’ll do it on the recliner. You get ready while I am in the bathroom.

*** 20 minutes later ***

Me: That feels soo-oo-o good. We really should have done this sooner.

Him: Hmmm-mmmm….

Me: Oh…oh! You missed a spot!

Him: (after some initial fumbling) Better?

Me: Oh, yes!

*** 5 minutes later ***

Him: Anything else?

Me: No that was perfect for now. I’ve got something different planned for us tomorrow night since I feel kind of “naked” now.


Who knew that a few minutes of removing toe-nail polish could be so racy? Tonight, we paint!


10 thoughts on “OVERHEARD”

  1. I was prepared to go yoga while I was pregnant in order to keep painting the toenails, mostly because I have toenail fungus on one of the nails and that? That’s a romance killer right there.

  2. that was great… you got me!

    that was one of the best things about being pregnant, having them do everything you can’t do. it’s probably what i’ll miss the most…

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