Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of vinyl albums covers, specifically from the early 80s?

Are you a closet rocker?

Do you have a warped sense of humor?

If you answered “maybe”, “not really”, and “yes!” respectfully (or any other combination as long as the third answer is anything to the affirmative), then this YouTube video is for you.

Now rarely do I ever post video links because 1) they take time to load; 2) they require you to have a certain set up on your own computer; and 3) is a cop out for a “real” post (as if any of my posts could be considered “real”!– HA!), but this one is just pretty damn cool. By the way, you can get the jist of the video without sound, but it’s much funnier with.

7 thoughts on “BLOG FLUFFING”

  1. Dear DD,
    Just wanted to give a shout since I stopped to read after months and months away.
    I am Trisha from the ‘Saving Hope’ blog, where I wrote about my daughter Amaris, among other things.
    That blog is seriously neglected. I just took an 8 month hiatus only to find that in that time you’ve been making a baby!! Congratulations!!!!! I am just thrilled for you.
    Many hugs,

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