You know what 34 weeks of a relatively normal and uneventful pregnancy will do to you?

It can make you totally unprepared for when you start having contractions five to ten minutes apart as you drive home from the water park 45 miles away and the only other person in the vehicle is your six year old.

It’ll make you take note of each mile marker, just in case you have to call 911.

And even after you make it home and put your feet up, and the contractions finally space to 15 to 20 minutes apart you feel it’s necessary to call your OB.

Mr. DD fretted nervously and asked what me what I was going to do. I told him that if it got worse I would go to the hospital, they would give me some drugs, and then I’d come home the next day.

Talk about putting on a brave face and bullshitting.

Today will be a quiet day of activity for me, even though the kitchen floor crunches as I walk over it and the laundry has reached Everest proportions. I’d say it’s time to use up my house-keeping gift certificate (as well as temporarily hire their services over the next several weeks).

So while 34 weeks is pretty close to the end, I was also reminded that it’s still too damn early.


  1. Good lord woman! Keep your feet up! Hope the contractions go away for now. And I agree with Erin, please tell Murdock it’s not acceptable to come out yet!

  2. No advice, but I am thinking of you and Murdock.

    Hey Murdock, quick reminder that you’re not completely baked yet and you need to stick in there for a few more weeks. ‘Kay? Thanks.

  3. Feet up lady and fuck the laundry.

    Definitely time to get someone in to take care of the house, and after all this effort, damn the expense.

  4. You most likely are right that if you did have to go in to L&D they would give you something to stop the contractions and you’d be home the next day. Or even the same day.

    But let’s not get there, mmm-kay?

  5. Um, cut it out with the contractions, mmmmkay??

    It’s nice to hear someone else lives at the intersection of Mt. Laundry and Crunchy Kitchen.

  6. Yikes! I’m assuming you haven’t had any more closely spaced contractions? Much as I’d love to find out if Murdoch is a boy or a girl, I hope we won’t know for at least another 4 weeks.

  7. wow!!! 34 weeks…amazing. Definitely cash in those vouchers and hire whomever….put your feet up and take it easy!!!!

  8. Sit down. Immediately. Take it easier. If you don’t make it to at least 38 weeks I’m telling everyone about that toilet paper incident you had once. You know the one I mean. Now take it easy!

  9. Hope all is still going ok. You can’t have this baby yet, I haven’t gotten your gift finished and mailed yet. Guess I better stop procrastinating.

    Good luck and call me if you can’t get to a computer and I will post updates for you.

  10. Also time to get someone else to mow that lawn! That or let this be the one year to let it go long. Send your son out with a big bag of wildflower seed and enjoy seeing what pops up through the rest of the season.

    Then you go back to mowing it next year.

  11. Wow, you have me worried, I can only imagine how you felt. You’re in the home stretch, so take it easy to the extraordinary extreme and just ride the tide. πŸ™‚ hugs ~j~

  12. Yikes. I got no advice, but want to smack you upside the head v-8 style if you are not sitting on your arse right now and saying hydrated.

  13. I agree with the hydration and feet up. Has anyone told you to lay on your left side? That was another thing they told me. (I was on bedrest for 13 weeks and it totally sucked but the baby is 18 now so I guess it worked:)

    Think of it as storing up sittinonyourbutt time because once Murdock arrives–well, you know the drill.

  14. Agree with everyone: no more laundry, on the sofa with your feet up, lots of water. Hopefully the baby will stay put for a good few more weeks.

  15. Actually, I think Heather’s on the right track, make sure you stay hydrated, oddly that can actually make a difference. Get everything you need prepared for the baby right now and screw everything else. Because even if the baby comes on time, you are getting to the point after which you will have neither the energy nor the inclination to do any more than you absolutely need to in a day.

  16. You go take a nap. Take it easy and drink plenty of water….Ok, that is my flu talk that I give people. I don’t know what the speech should say for this…but I think it is just good general assvice.

    Take care of you.

  17. EEK – You definitely caught my attention, now go sit down and put your feet up and be all Scarlett O’hara okay? Let others do for you. Murdock needs to keep his/her proverbial butt in there until at least 37 weeks. None of this preterm bull shit. That’s my drill sargeant peptalk. Now seriously let Mr. DD and Xboy wait on you and well rest… hydrate… rest… you know the drill. Hang in there.

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