While I’m still quite blue about my post being lost, I actually had the opportunity to laugh out loud at this picture. Well, not specifically¬† the picture, but some of the comments already posted as potential captions.

Since most of you are of the rather snarky type (that’s why I love you, of course), I believe you should put those skillz to the test and see if you can come up with the winning caption. You’ll really have to dig deep though, as there are a couple of doozies already.

An added bonus, selfishly noted, is that I can come back later to that post and see which of you took up the challenge and maybe smile some more.


Several years ago I had a crazy roommate who stole my photo albums and high-school year books out of the room I was renting in her house. In light of her mental instability, I had my things packed and moved out within 24 hours…with police escort.

Losing those items that were irreplaceable makes my stomach turn even now, almost 20 years later.

Today I wanted to show you a picture of XBoy’s new teeth, already making quite an impression only three weeks after he lost the four baby teeth. To show the change, I was going to link to that original post about his accident…

The post? It’s gone. The title is there. Your comments, bless your sweet souls, are still there. But my words from that day are gone. I even tried finding them via cache. And now, as stupid as it sounds I want to cry. It’s not just that post, either. I’ve just realized that even though WordPress told me the posts were downloaded, only the titles and the comments came across on many.

On too many.

And I’m heartsick and I’m surprised with how upset I am. I truly wanted to have all those moments out there to someday share with my son, and now? With all the problems with updates not happening and assuming my posts transferred…I feel a little foolish for crying over spilt milk. But those posts were more than just brain-dumps. They were reminders, memories. And now those moments written spontaneously, are gone.