Several years ago I had a crazy roommate who stole my photo albums and high-school year books out of the room I was renting in her house. In light of her mental instability, I had my things packed and moved out within 24 hours…with police escort.

Losing those items that were irreplaceable makes my stomach turn even now, almost 20 years later.

Today I wanted to show you a picture of XBoy’s new teeth, already making quite an impression only three weeks after he lost the four baby teeth. To show the change, I was going to link to that original post about his accident…

The post? It’s gone. The title is there. Your comments, bless your sweet souls, are still there. But my words from that day are gone. I even tried finding them via cache. And now, as stupid as it sounds I want to cry. It’s not just that post, either. I’ve just realized that even though WordPress told me the posts were downloaded, only the titles and the comments came across on many.

On too many.

And I’m heartsick and I’m surprised with how upset I am. I truly wanted to have all those moments out there to someday share with my son, and now? With all the problems with updates not happening and assuming my posts transferred…I feel a little foolish for crying over spilt milk. But those posts were more than just brain-dumps. They were reminders, memories. And now those moments written spontaneously, are gone.

20 thoughts on “SICK”

  1. Wait… I’m confused. They are all still there on the typepad site… I just looked. Can’t you just go get them now before they go bye bye???

  2. Fuck. That’s awful. It’s taking all of us who throw stuff online a while to realize that it will never be permanent, and (from an archivist’s point of view) solutions to keeping electronic records are coming far too slowly.

    Sorry you lost your memories. 😦

  3. This really sucks. And it’s also kind of weird that everything but the post itself is there. Have you tried contacting typepad or wordpress about it?

  4. I keep putting things on my blog that I should probably write down – about this pregnancy mostly…but I haven’t. I would be completely heartbroken if I lost it all today.

    I’m so sorry.

  5. Wait–I have everything in bloglines because I never read from there. I’m going over to check what I can cut-and-paste into a word doc for you. I’ve done this before for people.

  6. I’m so sorry. I know that feeling all too well with losing things and it’s the worst feeling to me in the world.

  7. That is terrible. I just hate it when this kind of thing happens. Can you ask wordpress to sort it – might be worth renewing just for that? They can’t offer a download service if it so patently doesn’t work. I expect they aren’t gone totally – you have to try very hard to completely remove something computer wise.

  8. Oh no, I can’t imagine how awful that feels! Those words, even when they’re just random thoughts, are part of your life. Losing them must be really painful.

  9. oh crap, is it possible to cut and paste all the old posts that still exist on typepad and just put them in word or take screen shots, or something?

    I mean as long as you are sitting there, feet up, can you copy some of this before it goes.

    Or what the hell, just quickly renew it before it disappears!!

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