Unless you’ve been keeping weird, stalkerish track over the past three years, you wouldn’t know today was our 11th Anniversary. Mr. DD and I knew, but neither of us woke up, cuddled and cooed, and rubbed noses before whispering “Happy Anniversary, Dawrrrling”. It’s another day in the times and lives of the DD Family.

Below is a picture of my Mom and Dad walking me up the aisle. Why yes, that is a Catholic church. My, how could you tell?!


Look how pious we are, kneeling in front of Father as he blesses our marriage. He was nicknamed Father Bing because he seriously could belt out a song like few others could. Today he is in a loving relationship with his male partner in New York City (last I heard). We were not surprised, nor disappointed in his choice to leave the church.

Mr. DD and I snuck in silly string and gave everyone else bubbles. My sisters conspired against us and gave the guests silly string, too. 

What can I really add to the picture below that isn’t already quite clear? 

This was from our first dance. The photographer really lit up the area, but trust me, it was more romantic in real-life (notice Mr. DD’s hair? Yes, that is a pony-tail. You can see it in the image of us kneeling, too. He cut it off sometime before XBoy was born). Since Mr. DD and I were “older” when we married (I was just weeks from turning 30), we basically took care of everything ourselves. I bought the gown directly from a wholesaler for a paltry $400. I made the veil, my gloves, and the decorations, and we opted out of a honeymoon. There are times I wish we could do it again and really go all out, but I would miss the silly string.

It’s kind of ironic that during the required premarital classes, one of the hot topics that Father and I were concerned about was Mr. DD’s rather serious outlook on having children. He watched his two brothers raise children who are a bit…odd. He didn’t want to be party to that pattern.

Now? He can’t imagine his life without XBoy. And while he took a while to come around to accepting that a second child would never come easily and without a lot of tears, arguments, invasive procedures, medical tests and financing, he has always been my quiet shadow of strength through it all.

If only he could have learned to not be such a freaking slob after all this time, he’d be perfect!!

33 thoughts on “ELEVEN”

  1. your dress was gorgeous…
    You guys are gorgeous, and I looked closely at the pic before reading the caption, and I was like “IS THAT A PONY TAIL! I LOVE IT!” LOL!
    Happy Anniversary, late from me as usual.

  2. Happy anniversary! Is it weird and stalkerish that I added your birthday to the L & F calendar? Because that is actually lazy stalking because I put it on yearly repeat mode.

  3. My dress was $300 bucks too! (I picked one that was “off season” being ever the bargain hunter;)

    I wouldn’t have a church wedding if I had to do it over again…barefoot on a beach at sunset, with umbrella drinks and reggae….not that I would ever get married again.

  4. Happy anniversary!

    What a big…everything. Big wedding, big dress, but thankfully, no big hair. You looked radiant and gorgeous, so no change really.

  5. I was scrolling through the pictures and came to the first day and said out loud, “Oh my God, does he have a ponytail!?” Then I read the caption, haha! I like the silhouette that your dress made as you walked down the aisle. A side note — 11 years ago I was in 7th grade.

  6. Lovely wedding. Funny that you wish you could re-do and go all out. Most people who want to re-do wish they could make it more casual. Ours was casual (my first wedding was a less so) and the only thing I wish I could re-do is the lack of a honeymoon. We bought a house and decided to be fiscally responsible and take our honeymoon later. Still haven’t gotten around to it.

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. How cute! Your church looked almost exactly like mine. Funny how Catholic churches look so similar, eh? Happy Anniversary you crazy kids!

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