I just don’t get PETA. I try to remain empathetic to these people and appreciate how difficult society treats them, but sometimes their focus is out of whack, aka – they’re a little overzealous.

People for the Ethical  Treatment of Animals.

So how is sending marksmen to shoot pest-carrying (and highly overpopulated) pigeons not ethical? It’s not like the powers-that-be of Wimbledon were letting the tennis players beat the proverbial shit out of them with rackets or capturing them to be stuffed down one of the ball shooters to then be fired out over the property.

Marksmen. Hired gun-slingers. It’s a good thing they didn’t call on me with my pellet gun and questionable shooting skills. It took me shooting a bat the size of a field mouse three times with a BB before I killed it. Shhh. Don’t tell. Not like anyone can do anything about it since I wasn’t necessarily discharging a firearm within city limits. OK, yes I was, but I was also inside my house.

Instead of PETA getting all up into the grill of Wimbledon’s administration, why not brainstorm a solution to the problem? Sure they were all fine with the specially trained hawks, but that makes PETA a bit prejudiced for not getting upset about those hawks being treated as nothing more than arial body guards without compensation than they were about a bunch of nasty, shit-dropping pigeons.

I can’t think of one positive purpose pigeons serve and I can assure you that pigeons are not good eatin’. Who would have thunk considering that they are about the same size as dove, which can be quite tasty.


  1. OMG! Sorry PETA, but the only good pigeon is a dead pigeon. Saw a program on cable last week about a pigeon infestation and it would make your skin crawl.

    I love animals and birds and *nature* as much as the next person, but I also live in a pigeon-infested city. Getting rid of the nasty things is a public health issue.

  2. PETA just don’t understand the concept of overpopulation anywhere.

    They keep moaning about baby seals, when only adult seals are hunted, and when seals are not endangered, but are so plentiful that they are eating actual endangered species and almost caused the entire East Coast fishery to collapse.

    Culling them so they don’t attack each other is kindness, but Peta thinks maybe we should just stand around and watch them cannibalize themselves?

    And hey be careful with that pellet gun momma, okay?

  3. I agree with you. PETA is definitely a little outside normal reasoning. If PETA weren’t so ridiculous about so many things, people might take them more seriously when it actually counts.

  4. I don’t get PETA either. But we have a freezer full of elk meat, so I’m sure they won’t be high on my guest list for my next formal dinner. LOL.

    In all seriousness though, I agree. I think they do go overboard.

    I’m sure they thought it would be more appropriate to set out live traps to capture the pigeons. Then releasing them somewhere else so they can live a long and fulfilling life. And 2 days later make their way back to where they were originally caught. 😉

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