Thank You!

Mr. DD called me and said a package had been delivered to the house to “Baby Murdock”. It took him a while to figure out who the hell that was since we don’t actually refer to Murdock as Murdock in real life. It’s just usually an equal usage of “he” or “she”.

The package was from Summer at Worrier/Warrior who is just now teetering into her second trimester through donor egg, and I couldn’t be more pleased with her progress. Thank you, Summer, so much for the sterilizer. I learned the first time that cleaning bottles with brushes and dishwashers was a real pain in the ass.

Also, my friend Mel from Minnesota deserves a public thank you as well for loaning me her playmat, boppy and jumper-thingy. In just six short years jumpers have evolved from the door jam hangers to saucer-like contraptions that require nothing more than three square feet of space. Genius!

I would also like to thank Shanna at Shinny Laboo for the gender-neutral newborn items she sent me a few weeks ago. When the box showed up, its size belied how many tiny things can actually be stuffed inside and it seemed I’d never reach the bottom!

That concludes the “Thank You” portion of this post. Now onto the “Bad Night”:

Bad Night(s)

It seems as if I’ve been stuck in a nightmarish loop of “just three more weeks” for the past six. Groundhog Day for the Pregnant Woman, perhaps? And that’s just three more weeks before my c-section. It’s actually four until my due date. It didn’t help that while out and about doing an errand last night, an acquaintance I hadn’t seen for some time asked if we were having twins.

I must be delusional as I thought most of my hugeness was originating out of my ankles. Want proof?

I have sharpei legs!! AAAiiieeeeeee!

Sleeping is still a much dreaded ordeal. I’ve become such a hormonal and whiny, crabby mess that when I wake by the fourth time each night, usually at 3:00 a.m., I’m literally in tears from the pain in my wrists and exhaustion. I never thought I would be such a blubbering mess at this point. At the same time, I wonder where I get the energy to answer the question, “How are you feeling?” with “Great!” when obviously, I’m not.

The Other Stuff

I did finally get someone scheduled to clean the  house. They will come for the first time July 11th. I went to that website to get my gift certificate for the service only to find that the GC is no longer available. You snooze, you lose.

Obviously nothing new to see here, move along. More interesting is the new reality show, The Baby Borrowers. I don’t know what is more insane: teenagers hoping to show they are ready to start a family now; or couples handing over their baby to clueless teenagers (of which there are one or two girls I’d love to slap across the face with a poop-filled diaper, especially the one who got so frustrated trying to feed the baby she ground out, “Fine, you can starve!” I’m looking at you, Alicea.).

If you’re not into picking up ONE. MORE. REALITY. SHOW! then I would also like to recommend that you stop and see Jessie over at Life As I Knew It Has Changed, who had a D&C as a follow-up to a biopsy that came back as pre-cancerous. A little stroking never did anyone harm, and she especially likes it…you dirty, dirty girl, you.

10 thoughts on “THANK YOU & BAD NIGHT!”

  1. Hey, I warned you I wanted to get something for you! The gift wasn’t totally unselfish. When I saw the sterilizer on your list, it intrigued me and so I want a full product review after you’ve used it for awhile.

    I’m sorry to hear sleep is becoming more and more of an ordeal. I never realized how much the symptoms of pregnancy can push you to the mental edge until now. Try to hang on to the thought that you are really close to meeting Murdoch and then, well, I guess you get sleep deprivation of a different kind.

  2. *I had to come back and tell you that my son just saw just saw my little monster icon on your page and says to me “Mommy, can I get that tattoo?”
    Sure, son, let’s get right on top of tattoing a sideways-heart-looking monster with bunny ears on your arm. I’m sure Daddy will love it.

  3. i’m still hoping to send you my gender-specific care package when murdock makes his/her debut.
    i’m also still waiting for your addy to appear in my inbox.

  4. Oh g-d YES, the sleep…

    In my case it’s the contracting that wakes me, but four times a night, every night has me now avoiding going to bed. Awful


  5. Oh and Baby Borrowers – man oh man. I wanted to slap the girl who wouldn’t wear the belly because she looked ugly and uncomfortable (bite me) and the girl who got all pissy because the mom came over to tell her she needed to feed the baby and is now pouting and won’t go near the baby because of the mom’s attitude (I thought the mom was exceedingly nice considering what I would have said to her when she started feeding me excuses). I could never leave my child with those twits.

  6. Yay for baby gift mail! Boo to the moron asking about twins.

    So sorry you’ve reached the point of tears over sleep frustrations and pain. I’m not there yet…but probably will be in the near future. I just sigh a lot and make a lot of noise when I get up to go to the bathroom or struggle to flip myself to the other aching hip so that maybe my husband loses a little sleep too. I’m mean that way. He keeps trying to tell me that after the baby is born he’ll get up with her. Despite my explanations and his high IQ, he doesn’t seem to grasp that she will usually want food and he can’t breast feed for me.

  7. We have the doorway jumper in addition to two saucers. (The husband has an aunt who just sends things to us from Amazon with no warning or asking if we already have it.) Anyway, I am glad we have the doorway one. We use that upstairs and the saucer stayed downstairs. (One saucer is at my mom’s.) Kenna got tired of the saucer as soon as she could crawl but she still likes that doorway jumper.

  8. And here I thought you were elaborating about your cankles. You poor thing.

    The good news is you won’t have the tree stumps for much longer… I hope. oh, just kidding…. about the tree stumps, I mean.

    And on the Baby Borrowers subject, I can’t bear to watch. It would singe my eyes and make me want to strangle the ever loving life out of those kids.

    I’m fiesty today.

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