Back in November I had worked on this window bench. Unfortunately, I still have not found the perfect material to cover a cushion with. I have searched high and low for “novelty” upholstery fabric and sadly, I am disappointed with what I have found so far. If you know of a great place to look, let me know.

Last night we finally started staining the other piece that originally was part of the window seat. I thought it was 20 drawers – it’s 25. There could have been 250, which is what it felt like when Mr. DD handed me #13 and said I was over half way done.

XBoy selected a lovely green for the stain. Almost blue-green. He picked it because it will go in his room to replace his toy chest and dresser. We’ll use a high gloss varnish which will make the grain and color really pop, plus protect it from his insatiable habit of coloring on anything but paper (so far we can include: the leather sofa, my antique column, the dining room table, the toy chest, and dart board).

Now for the window seat, Mr. DD came up with the recycling of the door knobs. That idea, while brilliant, just won’t suit this “new” dresser. I thought about using labeled drawer pulls, but again, finding something unique looking has been difficult (the labels were appealing as they could help XBoy keep toys more organized – yes, I’m imparting as much OCD as I can on him). Mr. DD thought it’d be fitting to take 25 hot wheels and set them up with screws and attach them to the drawer fronts. Unfortunately, Grandpa used seven of XBoy’s broken and crappy cars for a different project and even now, two years later, comes unglued every time he sees those cars as he’s convinced that they were his “favorite!”

The other decision we have been mulling over is how to cover the top. I didn’t want to stain it, but cover it in something ultra-durable. Heck I even suggested a piece of old marble, but Mr. DD nixed that. He suggested diamond-plated stainless, which would be pretty cool, but I though it’d be best to have something with a relatively flat texture.

So…besides giving me possible suggestions on the fabric for the window seat, do you have any thoughts for the dresser pulls and top? I promise pictures when we are done (as if that’s incentive enough to delve into your creativity, but that’s all I got).

9 thoughts on “DESIGN ON A PLUG NICKEL”

  1. How about a photo montage with a thick piece of break resistant glass over top?

    Maybe a bunch of funky pillows.

    Paint with chalkboard paint and let Xboy loose 🙂

  2. Dude….go to Home Depot and just buy something. You are pregnant and have carpal tunnel…just be nice to yourself and buy whatever.

    As for the fabric, same thing, just buy whatever is easiest.

  3. OK, I sent you some samples for X-boy and then I realized that the fabric is for you, so ignore the skulls and check out Debbie Bliss.

  4. Check out Crafty Planet. It is here in Mpls, but they have an online site and tons of vintage replica fabrics and some cool kid prints.

    Happy 4th!

    BTW: I am spending my weekend finishing MUrdock’s sweater. I am SO EXCITED to send it to you!

  5. Here’s a few links to try for fabric.

    And if you like velvet:

    Going with the toys idea for dresser pulls, there’s always Legos. The piece against the dresser could be screwed in. Then other pieces could be used to build a knob and those would be glued together. I think using clear and one other color, such as blue, would give it a nice look.

  6. How long and wide is it? What are you thinking for novelty fabric? Give me some hints as Wisconsin rummages this year are full of vintage fabrics. Guess everyone decided this was the year to empty the linen closets. If you aren’t in a hurry I can keep looking for you this summer. Rummaging is the only hobby I can afford this year. 😉

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