Sometimes a quickie is just more satisfying, isn’t it? OK, this won’t exactly be a “quickie”, but just like when your man makes that promise and then falls through, so will I. I’ll at least apologize for the lack of foreplay and post-cuddle.

Still looking for drawer pulls for the “new” dresser. Zandra, I loved the idea of the blue/transparent legos. Unfortunately, they need to be a bit bigger – like duplos – but duplo doesn’t make transparent pieces. We’ve been toying with using band buttons (like Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, etc.), but we’re still open to ideas.

Here’s the first-dining room/then-den/currently-spare bedroom, before:


And after:

The colors don’t come across very well via a photograph, but there it is. The sofa is a sleeper and my dough trough is peeking out in the lower right corner and stores quite a bit of bedding. It still needs some minor touches, but you get the idea.

My sincerest thanks to Scissorbill for the crib bedding; to Portlairge for the night-time soother; and to Katrinafor a stack of goodies (pictured below) for Murdock (and a little sump’n-sump’n for XBoy).

I have two NSTs remaining. One this Thursday and another yet again next Monday, which seems a bit much, especially since Wednesday is the c-section (scheduled at noon, which means maybe by 3:00 p.m. or later…stupid ENT and orthopedic surgeons – hogging the OR).

My edema has reached maximum capacity in my feet. To give you an idea, if you are a closet croc wearer, you know how roomy they are. And normally they are for me, too. Except now when I put them on, not only are they a bit of a squeeze, but when I take them off it’s like my feet have been put through a play-doh fun factory and every croc hole, bump and indentation is clearly visible.

Sure, you can say, “keep your feet up”, but that’s not possible with an office job. Nothing shy of laying absolutely verticle and on my side helps with the swelling. Add to that the continued discomfort in my hands, which I’ve nearly grown accustomed to, especially the non-stop tingling that one normally experiences when a limb wakes up.

So yeah. It’s getting down to the wire and I don’t feel any more prepared for us to bring home a baby than I did seven months ago. I have to remind myself constantly that after next week, instead of *it* finally being over (it = pregnancy), we are only just starting over.

Just as I had hoped, even as I have feared.

15 thoughts on “QUICKIES”

  1. That room looks great. Hang in there DD, croc feet and all…think how you will be able to laugh merrily about it all in a few months time (!)

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you get to meet Murdock next week. I totally feel like your pregnancy has flown by. I’m sure you don’t because I certainly don’t feel like mine is!

  3. gorgeous! can i come live with you? (that way i’ll get to see murdock even sooner!)

    here’s hoping that murdock is your next quickie. –c.

  4. Love the room! Especially the hardwood floor and paned windows.

    Can’t believe you are so close to meeting Murdoch. Just a few more days!

  5. I love your house! I have an official old house, over a hundred, and someone thought to remodel it in the 70’s and took away all the old charm. So now we get to try and bring that all back, other then the bathroom which had to be modern. 😉

    Yeah, you get to start all over with something new, I can’t freaking believe it is next week already. You should be getting a package in the mail today. Let me know when you get it.

    It will be fun, frustrating, sad, exciting, terrifying and wonderful once Murdock gets here. You will be in love instantly until the first all nighter. 😉 I think that is why babies are born so cute, self preservation.

    Good luck and I hope it is quick and relatively pain free.

  6. One of these days, I’m going to show up at your house & just move the hell in! It’s gorgeous.

    I almost called in sick to work today just so that I could CLEAN!! The kids decided to have a popcorn fight last night. WTF? POPCORN??
    I was in the next room. I swear, one day I’m going to run away from home.

  7. Yeah that happened with my crocs as well, something I now know was partly because of my low irons levels.

    No, I’m not kidding. Take some extra extra iron for the next week before the big C and your swelling will go down or stabilize at least. That extra fluid in your limbs can only be flushed out if it is attached to red blood cells to transport it around the body to the skin or the kidneys/bladder, and then sweated out or peed out.

    Take care, love the room pictures!

  8. My crocs have started feeling too snug recently too. Sigh…I didn’t think that would ever happen. I have an appt tomorrow – crossing my fat, swollen fingers and toes that my blood pressure is down so Miss Tessa can keep cooking another couple of weeks.

    Love peeking inside people’s homes!

    Awwww…blog land love for Murdock – so sweet!

    Wow – a week from today. So exciting!

  9. The room looks fab. As a sucker for old homes, I am comforted that if I need to build a new one, I could hire you to see it looks old. Your woodwork looks almost as authentic as mine. And the paisely print chair and mustard sofa – nicely done.

    When I come to visit you later this summer, we must hit an antique shop or two. You look to have a great supply in NE. You can get great stuff in Mpls, for a pretty penny, but I just found a woman who is open twice a month and bought an old farm washtub with stand for a beverage holder on the patio – she is in da country so it is not easy feat to get there.

    Jimminy – I just realized how soon you are due as I was writing this.

  10. When I had sausage feet, I positioned my computer tower under my desk so that I could use it as a giant foot rest. It helped. The only problem was that I had to lean so far back in my chair to accommodate my belly that I couldn’t type. It didn’t matter too much, though. I was mostly just sitting around, waiting for maternity leave to start by then.

  11. So glad you liked the stuff! I had such fun getting it and picking out X’s goodie. Starting over with a new one will be wonderful. And if I can survive, you can too! Hope your footsies feel better soon!

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