Between my internet shopping (I’ve never felt as geographically isolated as I do right now!) and surprise packages from friends and family, getting the mail is fun again.


Thank you Shelli, Shanna and Suz!


I know pregnant belly shots are hard to take in. Even harder is me taking in the post-belly shots. I’ve already admitted that I had a bit of a muffin top, but now I’m not even sure what to call this…pooch…I have now. Well, besides “gross”. While I’m just a couple of pounds from being at my pre-pregnancy weight, I’m still 15 over what I was two and a half years ago, my tentative goal for the end of this year.

Unfortunately, those couple of pounds are standing between me wearing maternity pants and my normal clothes because the weight is centered squarely around my naval. OK, and hips. Whatever.

Here’s me a few days post c-section:

 Sizzlin’, no? (Someone, please! Tell me how to get rid of iodine stains!)

Then there’s this 11 days postpartum:

 You can practically hear the slow leak, can’t you? PsssstttthhhhhhhhhhpPP!

(I also have some close-ups of the staples at the incision site, if you like…?)

It’s just marginally better now at almost three weeks (three weeks??!), and more than likely the last little flubber will be the hardest to be rid of. Fuck.


Of course, I’m referring to the small-headed creature in this picture, just in case you were wondering.


  1. ahhhhh, Mr. DD looks so cute with her. Congratulations! I should be calling, writing, etc. So much to tell you. I’ll be in touch soon.

  2. You have lost more in 11 days than I have in 11 years. I think I hate you.

    I love the expression on Zgirl. She is looking as if to say WTF is THAT?! (No offense mr dd. 🙂

  3. No advice on the flab as well I suck at losing the weight and Squeaker is almost a year old. So I have NO excuse. As for Zgirl she is adorable 😀 Mr. DD looks as if he’s in love 😀

  4. Dear DD, those outfits are so cute — and the small-headed creature is out of this world. I’m amazed you can find time to blog with all the staring at her and sighing you’re sure to be doing.

    As for your belly, gosh woman, you’re slim! Give yourself and your abdomen a break — things have been stretched a lot, so it’ll take some time for them to, er, bounce back. Three weeks is nothing. K?

    I got a little something for the wee one a few days ago — the only thing standing between me and the sending of it is my inability right now to get to the post office. But it will be done anon!

  5. The small headed creature is ADORABLE.

    I wish my belly was so small. I could put up a stick and shelter my children under my overhang (ok maybe not but it feels that way!) Good luck with the shrinkage!

  6. Does it help knowing my belly looks like this, even without a pregnancy?

    Your photo courage knows no bounds! Bravo!

  7. That look on ZGirl’s face is something else! So cute.

    I don’t know anything about post-partum stuff, but seems like 3 weeks isn’t enough time yet for your body to recover from ZGirl’s birth.

  8. Oh my god…thank you for posting this because that second picture is me, especially the bit at the bottom. Well, okay technically I have a much larger swollen stomach and my stomach hangs over the incision area more than yours does, but I feel better knowing that there is another woman on earth who looks a bit like me!

    Now the question is, what do I do about it? It hurts like a mofo to touch, in fact, I want to cry just thinking about it.

    And yes, the baby is adorable!

  9. The expression of shock on zgirl’s face is so funny, like she doesn’t have any idea how this giant head got so close to her.

  10. good god, woman, you look fabulous, even if you don’t feel it or believe it.

    what’s your secret?

    oh, and z-girl? too, too beautiful.

  11. Ooooh, I love the pic. Clarification: the baby Mr. Dd shot, although I could almost see your belly deflating.

    our package from me will come soon. She can not wear it till spring and you have seen what I have been obsessed with lately.

  12. What’s the usual wait time for post C section exercise? Should you even be thinking about that stuff yet? I don’t think so.

    I still have 10 lbs to go before I consider myself “normal” weight for me. I must have carried Will in my hips & thighs since that is where most of the flab is concentrated.

    She is absolutely beautiful (like her momma). I love her expression. She looks like she’s focus on Mr DD’s eyebrows wondering if that gigantic wooly caterpillar is gonna eat her!

  13. Baby adorable.

    You are very welcome, from Marjorie. 😉

    And you suck! my belly is still bigger then that and I gave birth almost 7 months ago. Might help if I could walk on my left leg though to get some freaking exercise. But I suppose that shouldn’t be stopping me from situps. 😉

    Love to you all and she is way too cute!

  14. LOVE the expression on ZGirl’s face! Absolutely priceless.

    As to the belly shots, mine on any given day looks 10x worse so you’ll get no sympathy from me. lol.

  15. She is just CUTE!!! ou should be getting some more mail here in a day or so!!! Hugs, oh I think your belly looks fine, I still have 30 pounds to lose!!!! So Bite ME!!!! :o)

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