When we set out to purchase our acreage, we ended up in a bidding war with another couple, who we successfully outbid. This couple, the Jungs, went on to purchase an acreage in the 2nd addition, which was actually created just so they could live on an acreage. When we found out that they would be moving a pre-fab house onto the property, I decided to go to the hearing to protest. It wasn’t out of spite, but purely to protect our future investment since our covenants specifically outlined that any construction must be done on-site to prevent property owners from parking their double-wides.

After the hearing, in which myself and another property owner openly voiced our concerns, Mrs. Jung was visibly agitated with us, and while we spoke to the husband who assured us that he understood where we were coming from and that his house would appear to be stick-built, she literally stomped away to sit in the car. Add to all of this the fact that at the time, XBoy and their daughter attended the same daycare and we had actually got along well prior to all of this.

That was in 2003. Since then, they moved their house onto the property. We built ours. We now live no more than a 1/4 mile away from each other, and I can actually see the roof of their house as I type this. Mr. DD and I have tried to make nice: we dropped off Halloween treats that first year; we sent them Holiday cards; we wave when they are outside and we’re driving by.

Then in the winter of 2007, Mr. DD borrowed my SUV and did not take it out of low 4WD and I didn’t notice until I was heading down the street. I pulled over in the Jung’s driveway so I could try to figure it out. While in the driveway, I saw Mr. Jung coming up the street. Instead of turning into his driveway, once he saw me sitting there, he drove past. A few minutes later, I was still trying to get the vehicle out of low, and he came back around and this time pulled in. It was enought time for him to have gone up to the next mile marker, turn around, and hope that I was gone. Needless to say, that was a bit weird.

We still wave when we pass, but that is all. It seems so sad that they have a child who is the same age as XBoy and they won’t let bygones be bygones and let them play together (I suggested it in my cards) since I know how lonely and bored he gets without the close neighborhood interaction of in-town dwelling.

This week things escalated to whole ‘nother nasty level, hence these background stories. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a friend to let me know she was sending something for ZGirl and to watch for it. Watch I did, and while I thought about following up with her when up to a couple days ago nothing had arrived, I didn’t want to assume when my friend had sent the package.

That was until Mr. DD ran into Mr. Jung. Mr. Jung asked Mr. DD if his Mom’s name was ZGirl. “No,” Mr. DD said, “that is my daughter.” “Oh, were you expecting a package?” Mr. Jung asked. “Not that I know of,” Mr. DD answered, because I didn’t mention it. “Well we received a package addressed to ZGirl and my wife opened it. We’ll get it up to you.”

When Mr. DD relayed the conversation, I was a bit pissed but also gave them the benefit of the doubt. I mean, if the package was addressed to ZGirl without the last name, I could see opening it up. However, if our last name wasn’t on it, why would Mr. Jung have guessed it was Mr. DD’s mother? I would have to wait to see the package. Two days passed and while the Jungs live spitting distance away, they still hadn’t stopped with the package so I told Mr. DD to go to their house last night and pick it up. When he arrived, he saw the package sitting inside the door with ZGirl’s FULL name on it. Even though the TV was on as well as some lights, no one came to the door. He called and left a rather brusque voicemail and this morning, the package was dropped off quietly at our front door.

Not only was the package opened, but the clear plastic that wrapped up the contents was opened as well! Why she did stupefies me since the packing slip had a gift card attached…WITH OUR NAMES IN IT. Now, she may not know who ZGirl Lastname is, but there’s no denying that she knows who the hell “DD, Mr. DD and XBoy Lastname” are.

The package was delivered on the 4th. I have no idea when she opened it, but once she had, why didn’t she bring it right up to us?? It sat in their house for over a week. I wonder if she thought she could get away with keeping the item, but once she saw it was personalized was stuck trying to figure out what to do with it. Why else would she have removed the item from it’s protective wrapper when clearly it wasn’t HERS!

Mr. DD is on a rampage. I’m venting here, but am certainly not as frustrated or as indignant as he is (he threatened calling the sheriff before he saw the package had been dropped off covertly). I told him there’s no love lost between the Jungs and ourselves and just to let it go. It seems odd that he’s the one that needs the talk down from the overreacting ledge since I’ve worn myself quite a comfortable spot there.

I’ll let you know how the soap opera plays out.


  1. Wow. I was trying to sit here and play devil’s advocate, thinking maybe she didn’t see who it was for – but the minute I saw the item didn’t make sense, I certainly wouldn’t have opened it further. How bizarre.

    Maybe you could make them some ex-lax cookies as a thanks for taking care of that chore of opening it?

  2. Yeah, she sounds like she has some sort of pathology. That’s weird. You don’t open other people’s packages! That’s just rude.

  3. BigP wants to buy lots of land and move out on it. I love living near convenience things – like the grocery story…but I hate neighbors, I really do. I think it stems to the fact that I just hate most people – but we seem to get some doozies as neighbors. I’m sorry you have sucky ones too.

  4. Since I’m the one that sent the package, stupidly to the wrong address, I actually think its kind of funny. 🙂 I mean what the hell is she going to do with a tote bag that says “Z-girl” on it? Change her name? Have another kid and hope its a girl so she can name her Z-girl too? Maybe she was going to re-wrap it and pretend it was from her? 🙂

    Does make me wonder, is there anyone else you were expecting a gift from and didn’t get? I’m glad I told you it was coming so you knew to be on the lookout.

  5. We have had our MAILMAN open our bills before. Always the same area of the envelope, where the account # is! When I talked to the postmaster he said that it was probably a coincidence. (yeah about 10 times). I guess if it is ok for the mailman it must be allowed by neighbors…..what a bunch of losers!!!

  6. NO way. I would be P-o-ed.

    Ugh. Fortunately I have not yet sent your package so when I do I will address it clearly to you (perhaps with a tad bit of snark about it NOT going to the lame-o neighbors).

    I can come over and TP their crap shack if you desire. Isn’t that what friends are for?

  7. Yeah, neighbours can be funny about property disputes and stuff. We’ve had a hell of a time with ours. They have done so many crazy things, and I have gotten so angry that we don’t speak to them anymore.

    Then again, she has also anounnced to the neighbourhood that she hates our children, sooo
    I give up!

    But we’d never steal anything from them, nor they from us. This woman just sounds odd to me.

  8. Like you, we live out in the country and have a total of 3 neighbours on our road. While we are not uber-cozy with all of them I would never expect something like this to happen.

    Mrs. Jung sounds like a real bitch. You want me to come down there and go all Canadian hockey on her ass?

  9. ?!?!?!?!?!? What could have possessed her? And if your last name was on it and she knew you were pregnant, couldn’t she have put two and two together?

    I can just see the situation: she was holding on to the package out of spite, and had already opened it thinking you’d never get it ar ar ar!, when her husband decided, in a last gasp of decency, to mention it to your husband all innocent-like, so that his wife was forced to surrender the offending parcel. Can you say dysfunctional marriage AND dysfunctional neighborliness?

  10. OMG!! That’s insane and completely uncalled for. Sounds like a real piece of work not to bring you the package. I can even see for a minute not paying attention to the outside of a package but as soon as she opened it and it was obvious who it was for there was no reason for her not to bring it right to you. The nerve of some people.

    We had a neighbor kid steal a package off our porch once. My husband went to the neighbors when we realized it should have been delivered and when the parents asked the kids if they’d seen it the kid went to the garbage (all ashamed of course) and pulled it out!! It wasn’t something fun so he just threw it away. Of course it’s not exactly the same but certainly frustrating nonetheless. 🙂

  11. The address was off, but we’ve had other things delivered to us with their address b/c there are so few people living on this street that post office knows everyone’s name. Unfortunately, it was a FedEx delivery, so they delivered to the address not the name.

  12. Didn’t it have your correct address? Even if she didn’t know your names, which it sounds like she does, if it isn’t her address she should have either brought it over or returned it to the post office.

    Did they know ZGirl was on her way? Maybe she is just a nosey b*tch who has to live vicariously through you and your baby.

    More pictures of ZGirl please? She is too cute. So happy for you and have a box of goodies if you want them. Not sure what her wardrobe status is. Do you have enough to keep her warm through the cold Nebraska winter? 😉 I can help her out.

  13. What a strange woman. Why in the world would she open a package not addressed to someone in her home? How nosy! I’m sure Mr. DD will settle down soon. Hope you’re having tons of fun with Zgirl!

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