ZGirl is a month old already…

I know! The time flew, didn’t it?!

For you maybe. Me, not so much.

I can tell you that I am so sick of TLC and HGTV. I’m sick of CSI: Las Vegas. I heckle the couples out loud on Bringing Home Baby and Baby Story. Today, I resorted to nursing ZGirl in the back seat of the van while it was running just so I could do a little extra shopping. I need a drink.

Her one month check-up was fine – perfect – if you go by the pediatrician. I was a little disappointed that she hadn’t broke the 10lbs mark and is only at 9lbs 7 oz, which means she didn’t even gain two pounds. On the other hand, she grew an inch and a half. Google tells me that breastfed babies are “leaner”. That kind of makes me feel better except I’ve never seen a “lean” breastfed baby. They all seem to be chunky (and I mean that in a nice way).

Also, today she had a renal ultrasound. If you might recall, her kidneys were ever so slightly abnormal in size and my OB said we would have a last US once she was born, as whatever the problem was, usually resolves by birth. Except the pediatrician said he would do it at her one week check-up…but then we both forgot. So finally it got done. I thought I’d hear back today the results, but haven’t. I’ve actually given it little thought, feeling pretty sure all is OK.

She’s currently napping and Mr. DD is due home with XBoy any minute so I’m going to snag a much needed nap myself. Today I tried putting her down on her tummy. I swear I heard angels sing as she sighed her way into deep sleep. She’ll still be on her back at night, but to squeeze those extra minutes for now? Bliss.