ZGirl is a month old already…

I know! The time flew, didn’t it?!

For you maybe. Me, not so much.

I can tell you that I am so sick of TLC and HGTV. I’m sick of CSI: Las Vegas. I heckle the couples out loud on Bringing Home Baby and Baby Story. Today, I resorted to nursing ZGirl in the back seat of the van while it was running just so I could do a little extra shopping. I need a drink.

Her one month check-up was fine – perfect – if you go by the pediatrician. I was a little disappointed that she hadn’t broke the 10lbs mark and is only at 9lbs 7 oz, which means she didn’t even gain two pounds. On the other hand, she grew an inch and a half. Google tells me that breastfed babies are “leaner”. That kind of makes me feel better except I’ve never seen a “lean” breastfed baby. They all seem to be chunky (and I mean that in a nice way).

Also, today she had a renal ultrasound. If you might recall, her kidneys were ever so slightly abnormal in size and my OB said we would have a last US once she was born, as whatever the problem was, usually resolves by birth. Except the pediatrician said he would do it at her one week check-up…but then we both forgot. So finally it got done. I thought I’d hear back today the results, but haven’t. I’ve actually given it little thought, feeling pretty sure all is OK.

She’s currently napping and Mr. DD is due home with XBoy any minute so I’m going to snag a much needed nap myself. Today I tried putting her down on her tummy. I swear I heard angels sing as she sighed her way into deep sleep. She’ll still be on her back at night, but to squeeze those extra minutes for now? Bliss.

19 thoughts on “QUICK! A POST”

  1. My son (breastfed) didn’t get all chunky until he was about 2 1/2 months old…
    Both of my children would ONLY sleep on their tummies, any time. If you even tried putting them on their backs, there would be hell to pay in the form of NO SLEEP FOR MOMMA! I think they get it form me, I could never sleep if it wasn’t on my stomach…which was a bitch when I was pregnant…I got no sleep! So don’t feel guilty, some babies prefer it, and guess what? THEY run this mofo!

  2. OOOOOO I am going to have to report you to the tummy police.

    My kids slept SO well on their stomachs and not at all on their backs. I am one of those rare people that thinks tummy sleeping is actually a good idea. Vomit comes out when they are on their stomachs..not so much when they are on their backs. And forget the sides, all that did was piss them off. (they also developed terrific upper body strength being able to push up to see what their crazy mom was doing).

  3. Haven’t tried the tummy nap…might do that though.

    I’ve been tivo’ing the olympics at night (because I can’t stay up until 11p or midnight – I start thinking about going to bed around 4pm these days) and watching them during the day because day time tv makes me want to poke my own eyes out. I didn’t usually watch much (I would read instead) but I need something mindless while doing the endless nursing.

  4. My son was always lean, was BF and we supplemented with formula. He always hovered around the 50% for height, and 25% under for weight. He’s now 2 and tall, lean and muscular.

    I had a friend who exclusively BF and her daughter as a baby looked like the Michelin Man.

    People are going to be lean or rounded depending on what’s in their genetic makeup. Don’t sweat it! As long as she appears healthy and is doing well at her check ups, I’m sure she’ll be okay.

    Also, I am a horrible mother: My son WOULD NOT sleep on his back. So he slept on his tummy. I’m not advocating this, but that’s what we did.

    Wow – yes, the month did fly by, but I’m sure it just eaked by for you. Happy one month old, ZGir!

  5. Squeaker was and is still on the leaner side. They eat as much as they need, no more, no less. Don’t worry about her not being chunky. She’s healthy sized. Absolutely adorable as well.

  6. Both my breast fed babies were more on the leaner side. Besides, ZGirl is only a month old and most one month olds aren’t to that chunky stage yet anyway. She’ll get there!

    And everyone can boo and hiss at me, but both my kids sleep/slept on their stomachs. That’s a topic I could go into at great length but I won’t do it here.

    Anyway, congrats on month one! Now where’s our photo?

  7. Wow, a month already? I should probably finish her gift and send that out, huh? Feel free to call me a slacker, and know that it’s being made with love!

    P chunked up 3 pounds in month one, but that only put him at the 25th percentile. Between then and 4 months, he steadily made his way up to the 70th (and once he started crawling, quickly dropped back to between 10th and 25th). It took some time to get him there. I’m sure ZGirl will be delightfully chunky soon!

  8. Ant was also a fairly skinny BF baby – 90+% for height and < 25% for weight. I think Zgirl is doing perfectly well. And no, I can’t believe she’s a month old!!!

  9. IN ET they tummy sleep and wrap the babes in insane amounts of blankets. I am not saying I condone it, bit c’mon if she likes it let her do it during the day.

  10. I heard the angels singing 10-11 months ago. It was heavenly.

    Guilty of tummy napping here too. Not that it matters much now the he’s a year.

    G was skinny thing until about the 3rd month then he chunked up a bit. He’s got some serious thighs on him now, they go straight down to his feet. No knees, calves or ankles on the kid, just thighs. I thinks they’re delicious dipped in BBQ sauce. 🙂

  11. I’m so glad all is going well. As for skinny breastfed babies–my little dude nursed pretty nearly constantly, and was born pretty small, but was super-skinny for the first few months. He’s filled out now, but has never acheived full chunk status. He grew quickly, but seemed to put all his efforts into growing longer, not fatter. FWIW.

  12. Seriously, every breastfed baby I know is a big fatty. They don’t start out that way, but by 2 or 3 months? Superchunk.

    Kenny has been a skinny since birth. She is still 75% for height and 25% for weight. She is just now starting to get a rounder belly.

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