Stupid prioritizing.

Blog or feed/change/feed/feed/change the baby?

And now that I have what I believe will be just a few minutes of “me” time, I don’t know what to write.

Nothing is new here. Mr. DD must be pretty stressed as well as he has not reigned in his temper when it comes to XBoy. XBoy started 1st Grade last week and for the first time in four years, I did not get a picture of him on his first day of school. It makes me feel quite shitty.

We’ve introduced the bottle to ZGirl and she doesn’t do too bad with it except for the fact that quite a bit ends up running out of her mouth. It’s aggravating watching Mr. DD feed her since he props her up on his knees and feeds her that way so she doesn’t get cuddled. Or he lets her lay flat and she gets gassy…it’s like he’s never fed a baby before. I have to busy myself elsewhere to keep from snatching her up and just telling him to piss off.

Because of the milk that gets spilt onto ZGirl, which subsequently pools around her neck and back, she has become the infant poster child for ProActive acne medicine. She’s a virtual pimple field. It’s not purty. I try to keep her cleaned up and dry…alas, I know it’s a stage she will outgrow soon enough.

She has also been giving us brief smiles, which is impressive since XBoy didn’t first smile until he was nearly eight weeks. The first one I got from her was at her five week point. No matter how tired or bitchy or grossĀ I am feeling/looking, that split moment pushes all negativity aside.

I must go. I would like to be dressed for the day sometime before noon, and my teeth are in desperate need of brushing. I’m working on a new page for my blog which will be a way of thanking ZGirl’s generous internet aunts but my computer gets sketchy connection, at best. Loading pictures takes an act of god; however that’s if I get any pictures taken. She’s changing so quickly and I need to hold each and every moment dear as they continue to float away like so many soap bubbles on a summer breeze.