I seem to be racking up drafts in my blog file. When I open them, they all have one or two sentences of random crap. It’s all because booby duty calls.

Getting ZGirl converted to bottle feeding has been aggravating to say the least. I read suggestions aloud on all kinds of boards and sites on making the transition to my husband who promptly ignores me and tries to sit down on the couch and watch football/baseball with one eye on ZGirl. I have had much better luck feeding her myself by going into the bathroom, turning on the fan and running water into the sink and bouncing her in my arms like mad.

White noise is our friend.

While it works in the long haul, my carpal tunnel which is now just finally subsiding, flares painfully. Almost nine weeks post-pregnancy and there is still a constant tingle in my fingers, can you believe it? Two to three weeks, they said. Bah.

Here’s a tip from our house to yours: if you are trying to put down the baby to sleep after a late night feeding and as soon as his/her head hits the mattress they wake up? Try putting a heating pad down to warm up their spot, but make sure to both shut it off and take it out just before putting down the baby. You don’t want to wake up to a crispy critter now do you?

Didn’t want the visual? Well, I don’t want you to do something stupid and forget either.

While ZGirl’s sleep habits are “improving”, I qualify that statement with the quotations. When she finally hits the deep sleep (any time between 9:30 and 12:30), she’ll sleep four to six hours. Then she wakes up for about an hour to eat and give me googly eyes. After that, we’re lucky if she sleeps for another two. It’s frustrating. She’s consistently inconsistent.

I mentioned how I love having home-made wipes on twitter and was asked how to make them, so I’ll share that with you as well.


  • 10 cup container with lid
  • Select a size Bounty paper towels (yes, use these specifically or experiment and rue your choice)
  • Baby oil
  • Aveeno gentle wash (or a baby wash)

Cut your roll of paper towels in half. Make sure your container is tall and wide enough to hold one of the half rolls. Mix 1 cup water, 1 tspn oil and 1 tspn wash together and put into container. Add your paper towels, still with the cardboard center. Mix another 1 cup water, 1 tspn oil and 1 tspn wash and pour over the paper towels. Put on the lid and set overnight so that the towels are soaked evenly. You can then remove the cardboard center, which will help start your roll as you will take the wipes from the center.

While it’s not as “convenient” as the commercial wipes, with how they are individual and pop up sequentially, once you plan ahead (is the diaper full of poop before you take it off so you can pull off four or five pieces – which is why you use the select a size type of wipes), it’s great. No matter how “gentle” commercial wipes say they are, once your baby gets a diaper rash, the chemicals in those wipes will burn her butt. Homemade wipes won’t. Plus the oil helps create a nice barrier in case you hate to use butt cream with each change, as I do. I do keep a pack of commercial wipes in my diaper bag for on the go.

So, uh, yeah…

OOooh. I just came up from another tip from me to you. If you buy a bag of M&Ms, do NOT lay them next to the vent of your lap top. Unless you like them really, REALLY soft.

Today, ZGirl is two months old. How in the world can each single day drag on but two months fly by?