As I was watching ZGirl winding herself up out of either boredom, exhaustion or hunger, it suddenly occurred to me that her mode of locomotion reminded me of Elaine’s dance on Seinfeld. All hurky-jerky with the spastic leg kicks that come from muscle contractions going off like a year old bag of popcorn.

I’m also quite envious of her ab strength. Can you lay on the floor and without any kind of outward exertion, lift both feet and legs straight up? If you can, good for you and for the record, I hate you.

She’s in the best mood in the morning. A dead give-away that she’s can’t possibly have any biological connection to me. She actually will play very quietly and happily for a while before letting out a sqwak that she wants to be fed, and even then, we can leisurely change her diaper and play for a few minutes as she gets absolutely giddy once she is put on the changing table. Really. GIDDY. To see her at those moments is visual caffeine for us.

The caveat is that those smiles that you can’t help but smile back to? They are not reserved for just Mom, Dad and big brother. I’ve caught her smiling broadly at the ceiling fans, recessed lights, and the pattern of her bassinet fabric.

Bottle feeding is coming along albeit slowly. Mr. DD has the hardest time. I can usually get her to start once she gets distracted by the bathroom fan and the bright lights above the mirror. My husband had the nerve to tell me that daycare won’t be turning on fans or running water to get her to take a bottle. My response? Why the hell not. I’ll even bet the care giver will change her shitty diapers!

In closing, I am reviewing* two items baby-related. One will get a thumbs up, the other, a thumbs down. First the down:

The Kiddopatomus swaddler. Diaper changes are difficult and after you have the baby locked down by all that velcro, once you figure out the schematics of its NASA-like design, getting it back open, especially if you don’t want to disturb the baby encased inside, is difficult. The overly large patches of velcro are noisy and godforbid you accidentally let a patch of hook land on a non-corresponding patch of eye. You’ll end up with a baby sized Chinese finger puzzle.

For the thumbs up? I really love the Halo sleepsack blanket. Since it’s sleeveless, the baby’s arms won’t disappear inside the sack (I use long-sleeved onesies to keep ZGirl’s arms comfortable). The v-neck means no bunching up under the chin, and the zip from the top to the bottom means the zipper tab won’t be under her chin, either. If I had one complaint about it (and to be frank, I have one complaint about everything), it’s that I have never understood why manufacturers put the soft, comfy side on the OUTSIDE of the garment, instead of the inside. Sure I love the pelt-like feel of the Halo, but petting the baby isn’t necessarily conducive to either of us getting much sleep.

* My reviews are a free service of this blog. I guess if you need to shop for either yourself or a friend, you may as well take advantage of my hit and miss nature.