I’m an impatient person. If I want something, I want it now. I need immediate gratification for my effort, so while I enjoy window shopping on-line, I rarely purchase that way because it’s hardly worth the wait, even if it’s just a couple of days. Don’t even ask me how insane I was when the etsy purchase I made went from taking two weeks to six weeks to complete and finally arrive at my front steps.

I’m intolerant of other drivers when I’m in a hurry. I have my own matrix of who I will pull up behind at a stop light. Old land yacht or mini-van? I’ll take the land yacht since it’s usually a lead-footed kid driving. Buick or Toyota? Toyota, since I’m almost positive I’ve never seen anyone under the age of 99 driving a Buick. A pristine sports car or aforementioned Buick? Almost a toss up, but I gamble on the Buick because the sports car is probably driven by some middle-aged, balding dude who has never pushed his preshusssss baby past 40mph.

I guess that’s why country living actually suits me. Yes, things are “sleepier” and slower than urban living, but the only lines I have ever found myself standing in are the ones for the community pancake feeds. Need my license renewed? Walk in the door and up to the window and *poof*, new driver’s license. My husband and I went into vote, walked out and returned to work within 15 minutes. I’m pretty lucky, I guess.


Well, you knew there had to be an “except”, didn’t you?

Last Friday I was scheduled for a hair cut/color with my friend/hairdresser at 4:30. I arrived for my appointment at 4:40. Why? Because she has never, EVER, been on time and she’s been my hairdresser since 1994. What time did I leave? At 5:10…because she still was with the appointment before me.

In the past, I have waited over 30 minutes for her, but you know what? I have a new baby at home. I have a son who likes me to help him with homework. I have a husband (who I haven’t spent any quality time with since ZGirl arrived and school started). At the rate my friend was going, I would be lucky if I was home by 8:00. And that’s why I walked out, gray hairs, six months of roots, and all. I’m so done with that. I just told her I would call and reschedule, that I had to be home at a certain time.

I haven’t rescheduled. I won’t, either. Instead I have done something that scares the hell out of me. I have scheduled a cut/color at a salon I haven’t been to with a person I’ve never met. All within a couple days of getting our family pictures done.

Pray for me.


  1. When I lived in NC I had a lady who was ALWAYS late. At least 30 minutes, often longer. She didn’t care, she’d just jabber on with the person she was with. She loved to talk to herself (she’d face the mirror and watch herself talk). She did do a nice job. Enough of that though!

    Hope your new colorist/stylist is awesome.

  2. I have the worst frizzy curly hair ever. 2 years ago I finally found someone who can actually style it and make me smile as I leave the salon instead of running home to restyle it myself. Just my crappy luck, she recently informed me that she is moving to Chicago this spring. I feel your pain. Not looking forward to going to someone new!

  3. Oh color it yourself, you big wuss! 😉 Then just get the cut from someone who knows what they are doing with scissors. WHEN I color mine, I do it myself since I refuse to pay $70 for something will wash out in a couple weeks anyhow. My hair refuses to hold a color so $6 is way more my speed.

    Good luck and you never know, this new place may be fantastic.

  4. awww…. I hope it turns out well for you!!! I guess I’m lucky that I’m ok being experimental with my hair, I’ve never had a cut/color that I absolutely HATED, but I’ve had a lot that I LOVE!! Having moved recently, I have started seeing a new stylist, and she WONDERFUL!!! Then again, this woman could probably shave me bald, and I’d still enjoy going to see her just for all the snarky, smart-ass comments the two of us make!!

  5. It’s reasons like this that I haven’t been to the hairdresser in about a year now. Oh, and the bedrest for 16 weeks. ANd the public screamfests now they’re born 🙂


  6. You were right to walk out. I mean really, she was already 1/2 an hour behind schedule and there were no signs she’d be ready for you? And not the first time?

    I hope the new stylist is timely and brilliant, just in time for your Christmas family photos

  7. I have done the SAME thing. I loved my previous hair dresser, but he was ALWAYS 30 mins to an hour late. And I just find it beyond rude.

    I booked with a new colorist, based on nothing but location and the receptionist when I asked, “who is your best colorist”. Sure enough I got a good one! I’ve been seeing her 2 years now… wait 3 and while she is sometimes a bit late, she’s never more than 15 mins late getting to me!

  8. Dear DD, oh, I wish I had done that for my last hair appointment, which was… a long time ago now. I had gone in just for a color, as I wanted to save time. HAH! Three hours later, I was a colored, seething wreck. Good for you and good luck!

    And I just read your post on that letter you were subjected to at church… good Lord.

  9. There are certain things that I have zero patience for. But I also hate going to a new salon (hence the fact I had 1 person cutting my hair from age 16 to 30). Good luck – I am sure it will be fine!

  10. You grew some balls, my friend.

    I loved having my hair long b/c the cut didn’t matter very much.

    Since donating it in April, I’ve had five haircuts and I only like the first and second ones. The third and fourth were by the same person, but she is so f’ing inconsistent. Last time, she was booked, so I took someone else who did an even worse job. I asked her to just not make me look like a lesbian (funny thing for me to ask) with all the even layers all over, but that’s exactly what I got.

    I don’t color, but I cannot fathom that complication on top of a cut.

    Wear a baseball cap if you must. The Phillies, of course.

  11. Sweets? This is why I love love love The Haircuttery. The staff at the one I go to hasn’t changed in 2 years or so, so I’ve seen pretty much every single hairdresser there. I’ve never waited for more than 15 minutes to be seen.

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