Who: My blogging bitches.

What: BlogHer ’09

When: July 23-25

When: Chicago, baby!

Why: Because I’m tired of hearing about it through other bloggers.

And maybe? I’ll finally get some goddamn sleep. Unless I have a bunk-mate (hint hint) who snores. At which time, I’m sure another glass – or four – of wine will fix.


Five weeks ago we finally bought a new mattress to replace our soft-side waterbed.

I think  it is pretty comfortable.

I say “I think it is…” because from the hour or two I’ve been able to sleep on it, it has appeared  to be a rather comfortable mattress.

Oh, I don’t mean an hour or two a night, either. I mean in five weeks, I’ve only slept on it for that long in totality.

Mr. DD, aka The Snoring Asshole, has made it impossible for me to enjoy the new mattress *I* wanted to get because within an hour of falling asleep, he’s in full snore mode. I can no longer kick him out to sleep in the spare bedroom since that now is ZGirl’s room.

It’s become such a bur in my saddle that I don’t even bother trying anymore. I kiss him goodnight and head straight for ZGirl’s room to sleep on the sliver of a mattress that once was in XBoy’s room.

Everyone’s enjoying a good night sleep: XBoy’s sleeping on the queen-sized mattress; Mr. DD’s enjoying the fine, cushy comfort of a king; and even ZGirl is buzzing baby-sized wood in her crib.

Resentment. She isa-buildin’.