Five weeks ago we finally bought a new mattress to replace our soft-side waterbed.

I think  it is pretty comfortable.

I say “I think it is…” because from the hour or two I’ve been able to sleep on it, it has appeared  to be a rather comfortable mattress.

Oh, I don’t mean an hour or two a night, either. I mean in five weeks, I’ve only slept on it for that long in totality.

Mr. DD, aka The Snoring Asshole, has made it impossible for me to enjoy the new mattress *I* wanted to get because within an hour of falling asleep, he’s in full snore mode. I can no longer kick him out to sleep in the spare bedroom since that now is ZGirl’s room.

It’s become such a bur in my saddle that I don’t even bother trying anymore. I kiss him goodnight and head straight for ZGirl’s room to sleep on the sliver of a mattress that once was in XBoy’s room.

Everyone’s enjoying a good night sleep: XBoy’s sleeping on the queen-sized mattress; Mr. DD’s enjoying the fine, cushy comfort of a king; and even ZGirl is buzzing baby-sized wood in her crib.

Resentment. She isa-buildin’.


14 thoughts on “SLEEPING AROUND”

  1. I have to elbow hubby when he sleeps on his back. He snores when sleeping in that position, but not when he sleeps on his side or his stomach. Does Mr. DD snore in any position, or just when on his back?

    He needs to get in to a sleep clinic. It’ll get both of you sleeping better.

  2. Dave (poor, poor Dave) is relegated to the couch when I’m pregnant (and therefore sleeping like hell) because he snores so mightily. I feel badly until I realize how stabby it makes me to have to listen to him snore.


  3. Mr DD and M must be twins separated at birth…The only cure for their snoring is amputation of the head or a full throatectomy.


  4. Yikes. I can relate, but for a slightly different reason. The last 2 weeks, Car.sten has been waking up at 3-4am… who knows why. The only thing that will quiet him down is some snuggling with Daddy. So I retreat to the bed in our guest room for the rest of the night…

  5. I saw on The Doctor’s show how they can put these implants in the back of the throat and it prevents snoring. Not sure how much it costs but maybe worth looking into? Hey, I just googled it and here’s an article:

    A bit spendy but an option nonetheless. Fortunately ear plugs work for me and my husband. I wear them every night and turn the monitor up as loud as it goes. The other night, he actually fell asleep while I was blow drying my hair 5 feet from him. I switched off the dryer and was instantly being serenaded by his snoring. Have you tried other types of ear plugs? Some of them have a better decibel rating.

  6. This is the exact reason I made my husband get a sleep apnea machine and if he refuses to use it, then he sleeps on the couch.

    I swear, with out it, he is so loud the house shakes. So—I seem to remember that we emailed about this? Aggh, baby brain is absent here. Just get him to a sleep clinic and get him a machine.

  7. Ah, yes, the earplugs. Before anyone suggests it, I sleep with earplugs every night because I’m a very light sleeper. Even with ZGirl I wear earplugs so I’m not waking with every grunt and squeak she makes. They barely keep out the grumbles of my husband’s snores that are of such low pitch that I’m sure if we lived in Africa, female elephants would mistakenly take them as mating calls.

  8. Ohhhhh I totally understand. I also am married to a snore machine and in the past week have spent a number of nights on the couch. The very narrow very uncomfortable couch near the kitchen with the very noisy refrigerator. A couple of times I have kick husband onto couch, but since he’s been sick lately I figured that would be mean. I used to sleep with ear plugs before we had kids. Oh how I miss my ear plugs!

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