After reading about the Wonder Twinsover at Geohde’s house, the ones that are reading Latin and debunking Einstein’s theory, I thought I better check to see what little ZGirl should be doing at 17 weeks of age.

I was shocked (shocked, I tell you!) to see that according to the websites I have found that she’s at that point where babies roll over.

It can’t be. It’s too soon for her to start on that path. You know, the one that makes her semi-mobile.

While I know I can’t keep her duct taped to the floor indefinitely, I haven’t been the best of Moms and getting her much “tummy time”. I can’t say it’s not tempting though since as soon as I do flip her onto her stomach, I laugh in her face, literally. I mean, here she is minding her own business, making googley eyes at the fan or nom-noming on her feet and hands, when along comes the Boob Landlord and rolls her over. The indignity of it all.

The full impact of how strenuous this activity is on my daughter is very apparent by the look on her face as she seems to be channeling all gravity defying abilities into her eyebrows that are lifted so high, they crease her quickly balding scalp (more on that in another post). And once she tires, her face will slam suddenly into the carpet causing something equivocal to the “for every action there is an equal and opposite action” law of motion and that is her little butt goes up in the air as she tries to scrunch her knees under her for traction.

All the while I’m giggling.

I know what happens once a child goes mobile, and it’s not pretty as my son routinely looked as if he’d been beaten about the head from age 11 months to 4 years old, what with the knocks to the forehead from everything including the sidewalk to the door jam.

So ZGirl’s not rolling over yet and it’s not all  due to the endless rolls of duct tape stashed behind the couch.

14 thoughts on “ROLLING IN THE CLOVER (NOT)”

  1. Better get her that helmet! I was reading in their FAQ that there are 3 times you should have her in it… and one of them is right now. 🙂

  2. Both of mine HATED tummy-time. They both did it eventually.
    Pay no attention to those mmilestone schedules. They’re more of a guideline (what movie/tv show is that from?)According to some websites, Will should be doing long division. He *can* count to 15, but for some reason he skips right over “four”. And his ABC song goes “a b c d e f g q r s t u v w x y z nesstiii won yousing ame.”

    My mom always said, “You spend the first year waiting for them to walk and talk, and the next 17 years telling them to sit still & be quiet.”

  3. Max LOATHED tummy time, and I rarely did it. Guess what? he rolled over and eventually crawled and walked and everything! I never made the first batch of kids have “tummy time” and they can all read AND write! Heck one will be in college soon!

    I know this sounds awful, but I tend to laugh at all the newbie parents and their hyper worry-wart peds…GOT TO HAVE TUMMY TIME! MUST NOT FEED BEFORE 6 MONTHS! Bah.

    But I am bitter, so there’s that. ;o)

  4. I had the freakish baby who wanted to be on her stomach. When she was 4 months exactly she rolled from her back to her stomach and promptly fell asleep. And did that every time I put her in bed, totally freaking me out and convincing me she would die of SIDS at any moment. Oh do I miss the immobile days.

  5. None of my boys liked “tummy time”…but you’re right, it can be quite entertaining to watch…at least until the crying starts.

  6. my daughter was content to laze about… she rolled early, but crawled very seldom, and took her dear sweet time learning to walk (15 months)… at which point she has NEVER stayed still again!!!! I have a seven y.o. who, if put in one of those hamster wheel thingys (human sized of course) could power a major city…. and probably STILL get a full 8 hours sleep… sigh… cherish the stillness!!! lol

  7. I remember when J was four months old. We’d moved and the cable lady came. She needed something on the opposite side on the apt, so I laid the baby down on the carpet and ran off to get it. She was in absolute awe that you could lay a baby down and they’d stay put out of trouble. She’d forgotten. You’ll forget, too.

  8. My husband is always pushing the mobility thing…he wanted Sabrina to roll, sit, crawl, walk ASAP while I was silently screaming “NOOOOOO”. He will probably do the same with Tessa just because he doesn’t have to spend the entire day chasing her. But at 15 weeks, she can roll tummy to back but not back to tummy yet (that shoulder/arm gets stops her from getting all of the way over) but we seem to only be days away. I am content for her to stay my tiny baby forever but I guess that isn’t the way it works. As for tummy time – it all depends on her mood. If she isn’t in a good mood all she does is flail and scream. If she is in a good mood then she doesn’t seem to mind it but will often just hang out with her nose in the carpet.

  9. I have one that rolls and one that is very very happy to blob about. Does this mean I’ll only be chasing after one child in the supermarket in a few years?


  10. Oh, do not wish for the mobility. We have crawling and standing and head banging and red knees now. Much falling on the butt and looking at anyone who may be paying attention to see if she should cry or not. Nothing is safe from 3 foot down these days. Little Miss Too Tall is into freaking everything!

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