3rd Annual Holiday Card Exchange

Holiday Card Exchange
Holiday Card Exchange

You thought with everything going with mi familia I would forget about the card exchange? Not possible as this event is what takes my mind off of the gloom that somehow always heralds in November for me.

Here’s the dealio: we exchange names and addresses in an email and then we exchange Holiday cards. Simple, right? If you want to do an exchange on your blog, just snap up this post’s button and treat it like a tag.

The first year I did this, in 2006, I sent out 29 cards. Last year? I sent out 49. I really enjoy doing this and I hope that those of you who participated last year will do so again (if not, I still have your name and address, and unless you moved in the past 12 months, you’re getting a card whether you like it or not).

Won’t you join me for a little spreading of cheer? It’s much less mess then spreading manure. Trust me on that. So if you want to participate, shoot me an email or leave a comment.

32 thoughts on “3rd Annual Holiday Card Exchange”

  1. Hi,

    Is it too late to participate in the holiday card exchange? I have plenty of cards that can be mailed out tomorrow. Thanks so much.


  2. I love to receive, but since I still have last years card to you sitting in a box somewhere—unlikely I will get my shit together to send any out this year!


  3. Definitely in too. Damn now I have to actually get going and try to get a semi-decent picture of the kids. Might have to resort to chocolate for both them and me.

  4. I’m in. I can’t remember if I ever sent cards out last year, I probably got my list and then forgot. 😉 Oh well, no excuse this year, so far.

  5. sign me up 🙂 You are such a trooper to put this together. Way more organized than I am. Am slightly jealous… okay more than slightly.

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