Last night as I lay in bed, I was running through my head different ideas for a blog post. Should I finally update about XBoy?  Nah. Not in the mood to deal with that right now. How about more ZGirl?  Lord, no. You must be sick of hearing about my boobs. Oooh, here’s one: I mentioned wearing tights yesterday in a tweet and it garnered a couple of funny responses, I’ll talk about my fashionista tendencies! I’ll need pictures for proof!  Oh, wait. Need to scan said pictures, especially the one where I’m wearing torquoise cords and a ruffle blouse *rowrr*…I am the original Ugly Betty, but alas, no time.

Since I now feel compelled to post something, I give you memes! All hail the meme’s ability to send readers unto the next post in their feeds reader! Oh, c’mon. It’s Friday. Chill out and finish reading. You might learn something potentially interesting, or not, about me.

This was from Jess at Days Go By who tagged me with a picture meme.

Go to your sixth picture folder

Select the sixth picture

Tell the story behind the picture

And here’s what I found:


It’s a candid shot from one of my errant relatives of our wedding photography session in the church. I never thought the bridesmaids’ dresses were hideous before, but my god! Well, it was almost 12 years ago. Not sure what many of them are looking at.

(L-R) groomsman 1 is a professional pyrotechnic; groomsman 2 is divorced and has custody of his only child, a daughter; groomsman 3 (best man) is the father of Mr. DD’s godson; groomsman 4 is now a meth addict and recently was released from prison for offense #2 (a goddamn shame as he could have had it all – really).

(L-R) Bridesmaid 1 is Mr. DD’s niece from SC; bridesmaid 2 is my sister (matron of honor); bridesmaid 3 use to be my best friend; bridesmaid 4 was also a good friend. I haven’t talked to either in ages and ages. My niece is the flower girl and her dress was made with just a unitard and tulle skirt trimmed in satin. She just graduated high school and is living in Germany. The ring bearer is my nephew, who now attends college in Iowa.

Sometimes I think about digging out my wedding dress from the plastic bin I threw it in just to see if it still fits or not. I’m betting “not”. Yes, I did say plastic bin. Don’t care.

And this post, which started as a simple response to a tag, has somehow mushroomed into a big polyester-satin-ey mess. I’ll get to the other meme I was tagged for next week as a continuation of my avoidance of all that is crazy and serious and fucked up in my life.

Also, instead of saying, “whoever wants to do this…” for a tag, I’m actually going to call six of you out:

Helen from Everyday Stranger

Jess from Life As I Knew It

Karrie from Mom Voyage

Steph from Lawyer Mama

Dawn form Clumsy Cajun

Carole from (another) New Kid on the Block

You have all been selected based on how you appeared on my Contacts from Flickr. No, it’s not part of the meme, but I thought it was fitting.