When those  people preach about protecting the “sanctity” of marriage, these are just a few images that come to my mind of some unions that while they fit their  idea of sanctity, they can hardly be exemplified:

Anna Nicole and J. Howard
Anna Nicole and J. Howard
Of course she didn’t marry him for his money. It was because he was such a good kisser, having no teeth and all.
Kimberley and Hugh
Kimberley and Hugh
While these two actually separated in 1999, they are legally still married. Talk about an open marriage.
Lisa and Clark
Lisa and Clark
Sorry, no picture of Clark…since he was ONLY 15! Also? This picture makes her look much younger than her 37 years, doesn’t it?
Liz and Any Eligible Man
Liz and Any Eligible Man
Elizabeth believed so much in the sanctity of marriage that she did it 9 times. Twice to the same guy.
Mickey and Co.
It must be true: women find a sense of humor extremely attractive. That must mean that Mickey had his eight wives laughing all the way to the alter.
Arnolfini and Giovanna
Arnolfini and Giovanna

Shotgun wedding – old school. (Ok, technically, she wasn’t pregnant, but still it happens every day. It’s just that today’s portraits of skinny, creepy dudes and their 9 1/2 month pregnant soon-to-be wives are captured via polaraid cameras left scattered about on hay bales and the groom is wearing camo.

P.S. I don’t know ‘brentwillie’ but he had a nice collection of redneck wedding photos for your viewing pleasure.


  1. The Arnolfini Portrait, I’m impressed! It’s always been one that I’ve really enjoyed, and I’ve seen it in person. Not that anyone gives a shit…

    Seriously though, who cares who gets married? This sanctity crap is ridiculous. I don’t care if someone marries 20 times. As long as both parties, gay or straight, consent to the marriage, have fun kids!

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