I have made a handful of references to the size of my son’s noggin. He gets it from his father’s side of the family as there have been multiple comments from my own family and friends about my own pin-headedness. Yes, at the time, they were referring to the size of my head and not what was in it.

It would seem that ZGirl’s own head is quite magnificent in its mass as well.

Both children demonstrated this weekend that their craniums have their own individual gravitational pull with dire consequences.

While out dining this weekend, the waitress had just delivered the table’s drink order. She turned away with the empty drink tray and smacked XBoy, who was returning from the salad bar, soundly on the cheek with the edge of the tray. Of course the waitress was very apologetic and concerned even though it was neither of their faults. XBoy held back tears but I could tell he was in a lot of pain. Now, a couple days later, while there is no bruise he claims the spot is still tender to the touch. I’m just thankful it wasn’t his eye, or his nose, or thank-the-lord, his teeth.

ZGirl is working on that whole hand/eye/mouth coordination business with little success. She reached for the plastic ring that rattles from my mother, snagged it, and then… I think it would be much easier to describe what happened by what was heard:

*rattle, rattle….rattlerattlerattle, rattle*



Hard, plastic rattle? Meet soft, delicate skin of baby’s forehead.

As a result? Her first boo-boo, a bruise the size of a pencil’s eraser.

It’s only the beginning. In the picture below, XBoy had TWO.

XBoy 8mos
XBoy 8mos
ZGirl’s bruise didn’t show in the photo, but I’m posting it any way because she’s just so damn cute.
ZGirl 4mos
ZGirl 4mos

11 thoughts on “NEWTON’S LAW”

  1. Beautiful children!

    And I agree with mrsfinn, the size of the head does not determine whether or not the child will have the disaster magnetism.

    I feel sorry for my children – their mother was a HUGE klutz and highly accident prone.

    My first week of kindergarten I tripped over a desk leg, hit my forehead on the corner of a desk and promptly started bleeding which then caused a fit of crying. That was my first (and NOT last) time getting stitches.

    My kids have run into walls, doors, car doors, knocked off their feet, and stuck various objects in certain crevices of the head. Such Fun!

  2. My daughter, while learning to walk, once faceplanted into a steel chair leg. It was RIGHT in the middle of her forhead, and the darkest bruise I’ve ever seen in my life!!

    and she has a small head.

    I don’t think head size has ANYTHING to do with how banged up they get!!

    Just gotta say though, those are some DARLING pics of your kidlets!!! They are SOOOOO cute!!!!

  3. That photo of the daughter is up there with the cutest baby picture ever. Love it. And yeah, big facial bruises have been the norm in our household on many, many holiday photos. I swear I’ve considered makeup.

  4. Yep, so damn cute.
    BTW, it is a beautiful picture of Xboy sleeping. He’s gorgeous as well but I suppose I should edit myself to say handsome or something.

  5. I understand all too well. Yesterday I walked into my mother’s house to be greeted with this lovely comment. “Oh my God! What happened to his face!” Sadly I wasn’t sure which of the 8+ bruises/scraps she was referring to. Unfortunately Patrick has a little bit of a balance issue and his new puffy winter coat doesn’t seem to help much.

    Super cute pictures!

  6. Yep–I had to have c-sections because the BigD family has monsterous craniums….we are talking can’t wear standard baseball caps cause they don’t fit.

    Maybe Mr DD is related to BigD…hmmmmm.

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