This Is What Happens When I Assume You Can Read My Mind

Just a quick note since no, I have not been guilted into blogging here any time soon. Your pleas and bribes have fallen upon deaf ears (unless of course you WANT to plea or bribe…).

Instead I need to clear up a misunderstanding about the card exchange.

While in the past, Pru would take all the names and addresses and in OCD-like fashion, organize them into a nifty spreadsheet and then send out the spreadsheet to all the participants who would then be responsible for sending out cards to their assigned bloggers, that isΒ not the case with mine.

Remember, I am lazy.

Simply put:

  1. You send me your address
  2. I send you mine
  3. You send me a card
  4. I send you a card

So, erm, that’s it.

I feel like an ass for not making that clearer. Knowing that, I promise next year to be more on the ball and try to organize a Bloggers Across the Earth Card Exchange or something equally grandiose and impossible.

I figured that if you wanted to reap the rewards of receiving a bunch of cards that you would sponsor your own card exchange, which is why I created the button, and when I didn’t hear any one had, I just figured you were all a bunch of Scrooges. Apparently, I am the Scrooge.


12 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When I Assume You Can Read My Mind”

  1. My card will be coming eventually whenever the damn photographer gets me my photos! I suppose I should give her a break. She’s probably still trying to find a way to crop a happy face on 3 very uncooperative toodlers.

  2. I’ll be emailing you soon with the addy info.

    No escape to warmer climates, unfortunately. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment and freak-doggin’-cold weather…….

  3. Instructions? Crystal clear over here. I’ve just been silent forever. I still have your addy from last year (somewhere…..lolol) . And when I get off my hiney this wknd and write out our cards, I will send one out…lololol. I don’t mind if I get one in return or not. I’m just happy to still be part of your readership. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m happy to say all I was planning on doing was sending you a card. I’m not ambitious enough to send EVERYONE a card. Plus, haven’t even gotten the ones I’m SUPPOSED to send out yet. So glad to hear my lazy ass had it right all along. You kinda freaked me out with the twitter this morning thinking that I might’ve had it wrong….Whew!

  5. Ok, when I read the first line I thought you put “Quilted” not Guilted. Can you tell I am ready for the weekend? You just wait til you get the lovely card I am sending you. You will be all, “She couldn’t get a better picture?” And no, too damn lazy and no freaking time and now thanks to debit card theft no money. πŸ˜‰

  6. I thought it was clear. I got it, and since I am a zillion years behind, I will be unlikely to send you a card, not because I am not thinking of you, but because I can’t.

    Love you anyway.

  7. I thought it was pretty clear. I hope by now you’ve gotten my card with the family picture. That way you can recognize me when we are in Chicago!

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