Soooooo….day care dropped ZGirl on her head.

For those of you who didn’t know that yet, I’ll provide details about it later (she’s fine but did end up with a nice shiner to match my avatar). Instead I want to ask your opinion about who should pay.

Well, besides ZGirl, who paid with seemingly endless tears and screams, the swelling of her eye to less than 50%, the abrasion from the carpet or the goose-egg on her head. Or of course, myself, who when she received the news via a phone call from the day care director, had the blood first drain from my head and then rush back up to it in fear and anger.

I’m talking money here.

I used to deal exclusively with no-fault insurance situations through my employer. I understand that most home-owners and almost all business carry it and why. However, I have decided to have the charges related to the ER visit (they charged us a level 5. I should be impressed since that’s usually for patients who have coded, lost a limb or need to be strapped to the bed with ankle and wrist cuffs), which will include a CT scan, sent to my own health insurance. I will then send the copay and/or deductible to the no-fault insurance at the daycare.

I made the mistake of mentioning this to someone who thought that since my employer pays for my health insurance (a portion. Not a majority, either), that I should send it to the no-risk first.

My reason to submit it the way I just mentioned is that I’ve seen similar instances where the no-risk is sent a claim, they pay, but the benefits get maxed (don’t forget I will have more than just an ER visit, but the ER physician and radiology physician to pay), and a balance is billed to the private insurance, who then apply the copay and/or deduc, leaving the poor policy owner/injured still having to pay out of pocket.

Some technical stuff to know: my health insurance is not Medicaid or Medicare which WOULD require by federal law for me to go through the no-risk insurance first.

What would YOU do? Yes, I really am interested in your opinion either way since nothing has been done yet.

(Tidbit of no purpose whatsoever:  did you know that there’s are codes for fall from commode, fall from other furniture, fall from wheelchair and even one for fall from cliff. A CLIFF! I’m not sure why that struck me as bizarre.)


I decided to take my hiatus at precisely the same time I was tagged (she used “awarded” to make me think I was special or something). I swear, it was purely coincidental.

Two reasons I am doing this now:

  1. Jess is my alter-ego: sexy, strong, and has a take-it-or-leave-it attitude, and I want her to like me.
  2. The badge!


I’m now supposed to list 5 Addictions. The award does come with strings attached, dammit.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Blogging
  3. The sound of XBoy’s laughter
  4. The smell of ZGirl after a bath
  5. Sleep

There are some other rules as well, but seriously, it’s a meme. Whatchya going to do? Call the blogging police and take away my birthday? Pfft.