What I think is the last of the holiday cards should be sent today. Please, for the love of festivus, let me know if you did NOT receive a card by the end of January even though you indicated you wanted to participate. I may have transcribed your address incorrectly or didn’t put a stamp on it (it never fails that this happens every year).

Every day I receive the loviest of notes and pictures and cards from people in my computer. I try to explain a little of each of your stories to my husband, who, for some reason, gets a weird, glazed look over his eyes when I do so.

When I had to go to the post office for overseas postage, the postmaster asked if I had been to any of the places I was sending the cards. No, I told her, but maybe someday. She asked how I knew all these different people from across the world. I told her that we met through an on-line support system for women who have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant.

She said, “That’s nice….oh, not that you or your friends had a hard time…I mean, er…”

I told her that I knew what she meant. Yes, it is nice to be so lucky to be able to send holiday wishes across the four corners of this earth to women (and men) who I’ve never met.

It makes me sad that there are so many other women who hide their infertility like a badge of dishonor; who chose not to – or simply don’t – know that there’s a lot of other couples out there who REALLY do get it.


Also, if I did not reply with my address, please let me know. I simply wasn’t as organized this year. Which reminds me, if you sent ZGirl something and I did not specifically thank you, it is not because I don’t know my manners. I take “thank yous” pretty seriously so it’s likely I did not get it (and hopefully, neither did my neighbor). I try not to put too much faith in the postal service, so let me know if you haven’t heard from me on that.

One thought on “GOING POSTAL”

  1. That would irritate me beyond belief… so much so that I’d be tempted to circle the numerous spelling errors in red and have a chat with the principal/head teacher about my concerns.

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