I hate shopping at WalMart, but the other day I ended up there to pick up toys for Christmas gifts.

I lucked out by snagging a RSP (Rock Star Parking) space, but the downside to those spots is that I either have to take my empty cart back up to the store or half-way down the aisle to a cart corral, and when it’s minus 50-freakin degrees and you have a baby in a car seat…ugh.

Anyway, I put ZGirl in the car. Emptied my cart. Eyeballed the closest option: store front or cart corrall when a man, leaving the store, offered to take the cart and put it away for me.

I thanked him profusely. He wished me Merry Christmas.

Someone with manners…in a WalMart parking lot. What are the odds?

What’s the nicest thing a stranger has done for you lately?

8 thoughts on “SPIRIT”

  1. Considering I have a house full of sick kids and haven’t actually ventured out into public in a what seems like weeks I haven’t really given the Christmas spirit a chance to reach out to me. However I do have to give my husband (who complains about everything) props! Last week I took my son for a follow-up at the ENT. After parking, I reached behind me to grab the diaper bag only to realize I had left it and my purse on the kitchen counter. Hey at least I remember the kid. So I had no money. No money for the co-pay which this particular office is very strict about being paid before the appointment. Plus no money to pay for parking – not good considering I was in the ramp. Anyway my DH drove 45 minutes from work in the snow and horrible traffic to bring us money. And not once did he complain or even tease, “You so owe me for this!” So I’m thinking some stranger must have made his day and DH was just paying it forward.

  2. People seem to hold the door for women with babies more often than they do basic 40 yr old (not that cute anymore women, ie. the woman I was just 6 months ago), so I am starting to think there are a few nice people with manners out there again. Especially since I don’t quite have the hang of holding a door and wheeling the stroller with any kind of finesse.

  3. OK – on Black Friday – at 5 am in Shopko – making the mad dash to the electronics department…elbows flying madly, hair and scarf flailing dramatically behind me, I came upon a man on his way back that had 2 of the item I was rushing for. I asked if there were any left and he very graciously gave me one of his saying “I grabbed two – go ahead and take one!” My faith was restored in humanity, at least until we made it to the next store Bass Pro Shops and stood in line for over an hour with a GRUMP in front of us.

  4. See, this is the difference between NE and NJ. In Jersey, very few people put their carts back. Makes me crazy.

    Having said that, we’re not all bad. Remember the woman I blogged about who dropped off that prayer card for me? I felt all fuzzy for weeks on that one.

  5. I recently was standing in line at a cin-a-bon and a stranger started butt in line.. I must have sihged heavily and he apologized.. he was only ordering coffee and I told him to go ahead… He left $4 for me to buy my snack! So nice!

  6. Today a kind gentleman chased my daughter out of the men’s locker room at the gym, where she had bolted the minute I released her hand. That was pretty nice of him.

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