In a joint effort, we are working with the school in trying to improve XBoy’s behavior at school. Whether his attitude is a reflection of ZGirl’sarrival; a change in classrooms (I think K to 1st is major and so is 8th to 9th); or something more biological, we continue to search for answers.

One of the other factors I believe DOES in fact play into how he’s doing this year is an inexperienced teacher.

The other day, his report had these comments noted on it:

XBoy was agressive today – said many “put downs” to others and was distructive to meterials

XBoy did have good focus on his math Quiz but then crumpeled it up and tried to throw it away.

Except for me changing his name to XBoy, this is verbatim.

Sure it bothered me that he was having a particular bad day, but I’m way more irritated by his teacher’s spelling. This is the woman teaching 19 children in a private school? Who next year will teach 17-20 more? And the year after that, ad nauseum?

I’m no spelling bee champion (ask any one who has to read my tweets), but that? Four words misspelled? I’m discouraged, to say the least.

(Time for me to hit the spell check…

….. I misspelled “misspelled”. Ugh)

19 thoughts on “THOSE WHO CAN’T DO, TEACH”

  1. A terrible teacher can ruin your child’s whole school experience. We actually moved my son to a private school because the other school just wasn’t cutting it. He had one of the worst teachers. She favored girls. After switching him, he flourished.

    I would hold onto the note until the end of the year. Then I’d send them all (I’m sure there will be more) to the principal and teacher. Maybe your son isn’t the whole problem.

  2. I’d hold on to that note and show it to the principle– if only for ammo (blackmail) purposes. Does he/she really want other parents to know just what kind of idiot he/she hired to teach their children? That might help you get xboy moved to a different class.

    Those aren’t just typos. Clearly this woman just can’t spell, which is downright ridiculous considering her profession.

  3. My last principal was absolutely the laziest when it came to proofreading his communications to parents or teachers for that matter. It used to drive me nuts to read his emails. Our secretary would even have to rewrite most of his newsletter columns. Ridiculous!

    Now I am horrible speller, but there is no excuse for mistakes like these to end up reaching parents. I used to type my notes to parents before handwriting them just because I wanted to make sure I got the right tone and to be able to check my spelling.

  4. You’ve hit on another of my pet peeves. Youngest’s teacher last year was a first year teacher, and tried to use that as an excuse when I was discussing Youngest’s problems in the classroom. As I said to her – this may be your first year teaching, but it is his ONLY year in 3rd grade. If you can’t figure out how to handle things, you need to talk to a more experienced teacher, or he needs to be in a different classroom. (Actually, this was all in regard to her inability to keep accurate grades in the online grade book – which, hello, I’m pretty sure they go over in – I don’t know – college to become a teacher?) Anyway – it got ugly for a bit, but she did get some advice, and started dealing with Youngest in a way that worked – some of the time!

  5. Oh that’s no good. I am pretty particular about spelling and grammar, particularly in those who are supposed to impart those skills. However, I honestly don’t know what I would do. The bit about its being a private school makes a big difference. It’s worth keeping tabs on and bringing up if the time seems right.

  6. When you are already frustrated with someone the little things pile on, don’t they?

    Bad spelling and grammar are pet peeves of mine ESP. when the people making those errors are in charge of teaching or are role models for children.

    My SIL homeschools her kids and her blog is littered with grammatical errors and misuse. It drives me nuts.

  7. Wow. You commenters are much more patient than I am.

    I would march my sweet little ass into the principals office with a copy (keep the original) of the note and ask why this teacher should be allowed to pass judgement on how well a child is doing in her class.

    I am one of those people that think that certain professions have to be held to a higher standard and a teacher is one of those professions. At the very least, spelling and sentence structure are a JOB REQUIREMENT.

  8. Wow. I definitely think the principal should know about this. If the teacher is a bad speller, fine. I know plenty of adults who are bad spellers. But that doesn’t mean they send out notes like this to parents without checking their spelling, first. It just shows this teacher doesn’t care about what she’s doing.

  9. My husband HAS sent notes back, with spelling mistakes marked up in red to the teacher. And cc.ed to the Principal.

    He said he would understand if it was one rare long word, but several average words in a row? Not okay. For this and several other reasons, she was no longer employed at the school by the end of the year.

  10. My friends said I should make a copy and give to the principal with a note, “This is what my tuition is paying for?”

    Definitely an end of the school year jab.

  11. I’m petty. I would likely mark her notes in red and hold on to them until the end of the year (so that it wouldn’t bite Xboy in the ass) and give them to her. At the very least she would realize people notice and perhaps give more care when writing.

  12. Oooooh…. I wonder how you even understood what the woman was trying to say. Her spelling is AWFUL, and her grammar is worse.

    I’m not expecting a LOT from a teacher who’s probably tired as hell, but WOW…

    Earlier this year, DH and I had to sit down with her teacher due to some behavioural issues with our daughter…. discovered that it wasn’t OUR daughter or HER teacher… it was the teacher’s SUBSTITUTE who was filling in for the 3 weeks the teacher was spending with her husband on vacation. (he just returned from deployment overseas)…. The woman wasn’t a HORRIBLE teacher, she was just VERY inexperienced, and had NO IDEA how to properly manage older children. (she’s a kindergarten teacher)

    Maybe this is just assvice from me, but would seriously consider sitting down with this teacher and ask her straight out, what SHE is doing to promote proper behaviour in her classroom, and what SHE is willing to do to work with Xboy on his behaviour. I’ve come right out and TOLD the teacher what I KNOW works with my child, and THIS year’s teacher has been wonderful!!!

    Another thing that I found helps… show up at the school at random. I sat down and talked with my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher I don’t know HOW many times, and still kept getting awful notes from her about my daughter’s behaviour…. So I just started showing up at her school randomly… needless to say, my daughter was NOT the problem.. the teacher WAS!!!

  13. I think we have the same teacher. I expect more from a teacher, and I get bad grammar and poor communication. I thought those were two prerequisite skills for a teacher?

    Btw, D is having his own struggles with his teacher and her “teaching” style (she’s an ice queen and intimidating as hell, and yes, she teaches Kindergarten for christ sakes). I am thisclose to going bonkers on her. She is pregnant too. How’s that for karma.

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