ZGirl was born with a lovely head of dark, wavy hair. Visual proof:


And now?

Her coif has been reduced to duck fuzz. More visual proof:1107-hair-loss

She has been able to sustain her original hair on the very back of her head. The only hair on her head that DOESN’T touch a mattress. I refer to it as her baby goatee.


All those little barretts I have? It seems they will remain tucked away for a couple of years. At least.

Her head is like a fuzzy peach that has gone incredibly moldy in spots.

Wait until I show you the close up of the hair she has on her butt and shoulders.

9 thoughts on “BILLIARD BALL”

  1. Pob had lots of hair when she was born, lost it as she headed towards months, then it started growing again and by 9 months she had a full head of hair with plenty of scope for clips!

  2. I was bald until past 2 years old. ZGirl’s goatee puts my peach fuzz to shame.

    And the body hair? It’s winter–she’s just growing her winter coat 😉

  3. 2 of mine are still pretty bald at 22 months. So sad because I would love to put barrettes in K’s hair, but know that E would rip them out in jealousy. I’m afraid their hairlessness comes from me. I was bald until I was 3 years old. Mom used to tape bows to my head.

  4. Get out the glue and slap a little bow on the top of her head.

    Since I have all boys people didn’t need to worry if they called the babies boys because of their lack of hair….if they had been girls, I would have come out swinging.

    Eventually all 3 grew beautiful thick hair that they now shave off as it makes them “too hot”. They don’t know that I would kill for hair. Mine looks like Zgirls and I am not nearly as cute.

  5. My first son was born with thick, dark hair. It began to thin and fall out when he was a few months old; when it grew back, it was much, much lighter. By the time he was 2 it was blonde! It eventually darkened to dishwater blonde and then light brown. Strange but true.

  6. Nope, no rash. She’s got incredibly fair skin. If she lays on her back for long enough, her skin mottles from the blood. The ring on her neck is just from her pjs. When she gets mad, you can see it first in her eyebrows: they turn bright red…and then she starts to fuss.

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