The holiday season never fails to remind me why children grow up and move away from home.

Le sigh.

The in-laws decided that we would exchange gifts just between the little kids. Great idea as I never know what to get any of the adults. Well, unless it’s something I’m regifting back to them.

They asked for a list for XBoy and ZGirl so I sent them one.

Not sure why I bothered since neither of them got anything on their lists. Just to give you an idea of how “complicated” the list was, the only thing on ZGirl’s was books. Don’t ask how many books she got (one).


Even when we try to make gift-giving simple, it becomes a fiasco.

Speaking of such, my husband got me a label maker.

Not sure why, but he did. I pulled it out of it’s box and read half-assedly through the instructions. Sadly, I’m not feeling it and I’m afraid to ask him to return it. I remember what happened the year he got me a slide for a necklace with an emerald in it. Nothing against emeralds, but it’s not my birth stone, nor the birthstone of anyone close to me. When I tried to explain that to him, his pissiness was enough to keep me from ever suggesting his subsequent gifts were anything other than perfect.

That said, I must not have made enough sarcastic comments about the amount of dust rhinos inhabiting the house to inspire him to hire someone to come in once-a-week and clean so I could make sure all my Christmas candies would be consumed without interruption. Obliviousness must be contagious. He constantly hints about the lack of nooky and I haven’t given in to that, either.

Tis the season, and all that jive.

So…how was your weekend?

10 thoughts on “JOLLY? HO HO HA”

  1. I like Jennifer’s suggestions on labeling things.

    As usual, we got gifts for my cousin’s kids. They got my kids nothing, not even a holiday card. I did manage to avoid biting off my tongue at some of my ILs comments and gifts, though.

    Oh, the holidays are fun.

  2. At least you got to open something. Joe handed me his part-time paycheck and told me to “go buy some clothes. I don’t know what size you are or what you like”. Huh? You can’t sneak a peek into the closet/dresser/lingerie drawer & look at a size tag? As for what I like? Gee, hubby, how about you take a LOOK at what I wear every single day and use that as a reference.

    Although a label maker is a fairly random gift idea.

  3. Wow I read the post from last year and I was kind of excited by the ‘thoughtless gift regifting’.

    I got nice gifts that totally would be awesome to the givers, if not my personal taste. I can see where the givers were like, AWESOME she’ll love it. And cash.

    In retrospect I spent too much on my gifts (more than $10) and perhaps they weren’t very personal. I’m guessing that’s what the recipients thought but when I got them I thought they were pretty cool. Hmm.

  4. My MIL always buys the kids super cute clothes from Gym.boree which I love because I’m too cheap to shop there. Sure enough she did again this year except she picked out the UGLIEST 3 outfits in the store. I feel so ungrateful, but I have to return them. I just can’t stand the idea of money being spent on outfits that I’ll never actually put on my children.

    As far as husbands, hmmm a label maker. Are you a label maker kind of girl? I suggest you start labeling random things for Mr DD. Such as “Pile of clothes I wish lame ass husband would pick up” or “dish that should be in dish washer not counter” or “carpet meant for wiping feet instead of dragging in dirt.” Maybe he’ll regret his gift decision and buy a replacement.

    I could kick myself for getting exciting for my gift from husband, but he kept talking it up that he had gotten my gifts. Um yeah. A pair of mittens that I already knew I was getting but in the wrong color and a DVD of a movie I wanted to see, but not one that I would want to watch more than once. Although I have to give him a break. He tried to buy me a necklace that I wanted, but my BF had already purchased it for me. I think after that he gave up.

  5. I told BigP I wanted a locket. I realized later on that I probably should have been more specific – as in directions to the store and item number and such…

    He did really well except the chain is longer than I would like but I’m afraid to ask to exchange it because he was so damn proud of himself. Frankly, I am damn proud of him too….he did well this time.

  6. I found out on CHRISTMAS EVE at 7 pm that I needed to bring a gift to the family gathering the next day.

    Thank goodness we have a drug store in town that stays open till midnight 365 days a year. Dear old aunty got a fleece throw..the real kicker is that I only paid 9 bucks for it, got it literally at the last minute and it was her favorite gift 🙂

    And what is it with people that ask for ideas then come up with stupid alternatives?? Why do they ask in the first place?

  7. Glad you got out of adult gifts, but sorry that the kids’ gifts weren’t exactly what you were hoping for. My in-laws this year seemed to revel in the whole age-inappropriate thing (Connect 4 for a 2-year-old? Really?). As for the husband, I don’t even know what to say–a label maker? Perhaps he thought you’d feel better if you labeled all the dust bunnies?

  8. *Here’s hoping I can get through typing this without puking*….


    so I guess that pretty much sums up my weekend… and most of last week… and probably most of the next one…

  9. Personally, I’m so hung over from Christmas (no, not literally. Sad but true) that I may be the crabbiest I’ve been in years. So glad to be done with this crap.

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