Nothing says, “Party Pooper” like telling someone to fuck off, no?

While logging onto WordPress, this was the headline from a blog: “Fans are outraged by Infinity Challenge”. At first I thought it said, “Fans are outraged by Infertility Challenge”. Now THAT’S  post I would read.

“Hey, DD, how about the year in review!”

Why, sure! Love to.

January 2008 – First trimester of ZGirl’s pregnancy and I was sure I would miscarry any day.

February 2008 – Made it to second trimester of ZGirl’s pregnancy and I was sure I would miscarry any day.

March 2008 – Bought a minivan and my husband discharged a rifle accidentally  in my parents’ house…and I was sure I would miscarry any day.

April 2008 – Made it to six months and every one knows. While no longer fearing I will miscarry any day, I am still babygear shy.

May 2008 – Actually purchased my first major babygear and blogging like a “normal” pregnant person. Why didn’t you smack me when I got annoying like that?

June 2008 – Eight months pregnant and so over the hype.

July 2008 – Surprise! It’s a girl!

August 2008 – Exhaustion.

September 2008 – Exhaustion Part Deux.

October 2008 – Back to work. Yuck.

November 2008 – I’ve become a mommyblogger and talk about breastfeeding! *shudder*

December 2008 – Took a break from blogging. Came back from break. Not much of a break if I was to be honest.

Wow. I’m dull.

And for 2009’s Resolution? I don’t believe in resolutions, but this seems like a good start:


Pass the valium and champagne!!

Happier 2009 to you all!

10 thoughts on “2008”

  1. Your year sounds a lot like mine (minus the minivan…shudder at the thought – and the back to work part). Add in more exhaustion and 1000’s of checks to be sure she was still breathing and you’ve pretty much got it.

    Oh those photos on your sidebar of the little one with her black eye and goose egg break my heart!

  2. DULL??? DD, that is not a word that should be used in regard to you.

    Feel free to share the valium and champagne. You have my address.

    May 2009 be your most awesomenesst year ever.

  3. And a Happy 2009 to the DD family 🙂 I, for one, am already working on that resolution you’ve posted…. I’m hitting the gym 4 days a week now, but my consumption of Stoli has doubled. What’s WITH that??

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