Mr. DD is standing in the doorway, coat and hat on, preparing to go get my coffee (isn’t he sweet?).

I notice that he’s just standing there, staring.

Is he staring at ZGirl, who is dancing madly in the bouncer and screeching and cooing in excitement? Or even at me, in my early morning beauty of uncombed hair, glasses sliding down on my nose and in my flannel pjs with moose on them?

Nope, he’s getting his zombie on by staring at the same thing as XBoy: vintage Looney Tunes Cartoons on TV.

6 thoughts on “MY THREE CHILDREN”

  1. Well you’re certainly not alone. Just this morning I had to yell at my husband to stop watching Scooby Doo so he could help me get the kids ready to leave. Once a boy, always a boy.

  2. J has a bunch downloaded on his computer, and I’ve often found he and P sitting there with that same glazed look in their eyes. Thankfully, K is so far immune.

  3. Hey – I love me some old school looney tunes….
    but that is too funny! that far away look they get in their eyes….

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