Sorry, none here, but I can’t help but wonder….WHAT. THE. FARK?

Aren’t search terms fun? This is just one that stood out today. The list is seemingly endless.

Tell me one of your most memorable search terms that you’ve used (if you dare to share) or that you’ve had show up on your blog?

Today marks Day 3 of 7 for National Delurking Week. Delurk!

4 thoughts on “PICS DRUNK CROTCH”

  1. woohoo… I got a new one:

    www. I need a bad

    I’m thinking the website doesn’t exist- since google apparently thought the closest match was my BLOG!!! oh my!!

  2. Lets just say that google thinks I’m SERIOUSLY kinky. I have a page devoted to the wierdness. Asses feature prominently, but so does so very much more I refuse to type!


  3. This morning I entered this search term into Google “dana new york times editor husband journal son” to find this book:

    I was in tears for fifteen minutes in the car this morning as I listened to a radio interview with the author. Her book is about the journal her husband wrote for their infant son while he was deployed in Iraq. He was killed a month before he was scheduled to come home. The author wasn’t emotional during the interview; it was just me with my pregnancy hormones.

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