Speaking of baby bottles and such, my husband was getting a bottle ready for ZGirl. I don’t know what I was doing. Probably blogging.

Mr. DD walked up to me with ZGirl in his arms. He had a playtex drop-in sleeve pulled up over her hand to the top of her arm.


“ZGirl is ready to pull her first calf!


I found out a couple years ago that organizations that accept donated items will not take baby bottles due to hygienic concerns, rightfully so. Unfortunately I found out when I had loaded up all the baby items I had been holding onto “just in case” and dropped them off at Salvation Army. The employee who helped me unload them explained it to me and said not to worry about it since they would just throw it all away. Seemed a shame, really, but what else could I do?

Since we had to experiment with different bottles and nipples with ZGirl, we found ourselves with lots of extra supplies as manufacturers rarely package items in singles. I’m faced again with trying to figure out what to do with the items we never used, pictured below.


Besides opening the packages and attempting to feed ZGirl or get her to accept a pacifier (which she never did), these are all new and sterilized.

Would any one be able to use any of these items? Free, including shipping, anywhere. Take your pick or the whole lot, either way it has to be better than throwing them all away. Comment or email: punchdrunk (at) rocketmail (dot) com.