I found out a couple years ago that organizations that accept donated items will not take baby bottles due to hygienic concerns, rightfully so. Unfortunately I found out when I had loaded up all the baby items I had been holding onto “just in case” and dropped them off at Salvation Army. The employee who helped me unload them explained it to me and said not to worry about it since they would just throw it all away. Seemed a shame, really, but what else could I do?

Since we had to experiment with different bottles and nipples with ZGirl, we found ourselves with lots of extra supplies as manufacturers rarely package items in singles. I’m faced again with trying to figure out what to do with the items we never used, pictured below.


Besides opening the packages and attempting to feed ZGirl or get her to accept a pacifier (which she never did), these are all new and sterilized.

Would any one be able to use any of these items? Free, including shipping, anywhere. Take your pick or the whole lot, either way it has to be better than throwing them all away. Comment or email: punchdrunk (at) rocketmail (dot) com.

One thought on “GIVE AWAY”

  1. I stumbled on your blog from somewhere and was reading through recent posts and had an idea for the extra baby things. I post to a yahoo group locally called Freecycle. I live in Kansas so I would think there is one not too far away in NE, depending on how close you are to a population center like Kearney, Lincoln etc. You can post things you have to get rid of and people come pick them up. It can be anything great or small, some people post coupons for anything from formula to dog food. It can be a partial jug of dishwasher soap. You can also post things you are looking for. I posted for a booster seat a few months ago to have for spares and got two. Yahoo can email you a daily list or individually when posted. I reccommend the later since some of the stuff people offer goes really quickly. I have gotten rid of two whole houses of furniture that a couple of renters left behind from my mom’s houses. What you can’t use someone else may. It’s worth looking at especially as times are tight for us all and if someone has something you can use then great and vice versa. Good luck on the job hunt!

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