A pestilence has befallen our household. Just yesterday, it prompted four clothing changes for ZGirl and three for me. Somewhere in between the changes, she had two baths.

At her six month “well” baby appointment, it was determined without fanfare that she had a double-ear infection. It was as if the diagnosis was permission for her to let go of any good humor she may have been holding onto and let the illness consume her mood 110%. A coughing fit begets throwing up; a bottle (unenthusiastically consumed) begets gravity defying craps.

She spent more times in my arms yesterday than she has since was a newborn, which is all well and good since ANTM Season 11 ran back to back, getting me as caught up as I’ll ever be.

picassos-blue-periodWith bodily fluids leaking from every orifice on ZGirl’s body and my slow decline into my own personal Blue Period, my follow up post regarding the pharmacist vs. physician may be delayed indefinitely. If you don’t hear from me in a while, you can either assume some one is either still sick or I have died, in which case I’m glad we do not have a cat which would probably eat half my face before meandering away in boredom to shit in my shoes.

14 thoughts on “SICKO”

  1. We’re sick here too. Not fun, but at least now I have a reason (beside my laziness) for letting the house go to hell.

  2. Awwww…poor baby. And poor Mommy! Kelsey had ear infections from infancy until she was 4 – almost constantly. And yet, EVERY time we went in, the doc would say..well..we’re going to try this, but if this doesn’t work, we’re going to have to do tubes. And then they never did tubes. Finally at 4 they found a combination of antibiotic and allergy treatments that worked to get it all cleared up, thank god. UGH. No fun.

  3. I’m still snorting about the cat eating half your face comment. It’s that kind of thing that keeps me coming back here.
    So is Zgirl on track with respect to height and weight and all of that? She’s gorgeous in her photos and so I think I will disbelieve all the stuff about throwing up and horendous poops.
    My daughter just had her 18 month vaccinations today and she was in quite the mood herself, baby tylenol helped a little but she’s grumpy and knackered. She actually went to bed before 7 and there hasn’t been a peep out of her. Okay, it’s only just before 8 now but that’s still fairly impressive for her.
    She’s at 25th percentile for weight and height but 90th percentile for noggin size so we have hatched ourselves another big-headed offspring.
    Take care DD – I know it truly sucks having a sick child – especially one that can’t tell you what’s wrong.

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