I would like to officially thank Nadya Suleman and her “doctor” for giving reproductive endocrinology, and all associated artificial reproductive therapies, a bad name. Or should I say, an even worse name.

Rest assured that her actions and decisions, and the actions and decisions made by her “doctor”, will significantly impact ART in the immediate future for all state-side REs, and unfortunately, their patients who are probably all just a tad less psychotic. Yes, I do think Nadya is psychologically deficient.



Big time.

20 thoughts on “OCTOPUSSY”

  1. She is absolutely not fit to be a mother of even one child and I hate that she is making everyone wonder whether all women should undergo psych testing before ART.
    No she shouldn’t have had the right to do this over and over again, most likely on the taxpayer’s dime. No she shouldn’t have the right to make anyone question a woman’s decision for ART. NO she shouldn’t make it look so FUCKING EASY.

    Yes, I’m a little pissed about the whole thing.

  2. First, I have to say that I LOVE the title of your post. How fitting.

    Second, I totally agree with what Akeeyu said. There is just NO WAY this was IVF (or the previous pgs.) I personally think she got access to fertility drugs and took them unsupervised, and did a home insemination where there were NO docs involved.

    This story is just so incredibly bizarre. It’s like a car crash and I just can’t keep my eyes away.

    And I’m angry too.

  3. She’s a wack job and the whole thing is just beyond bizzare. With all the crappy media coverage on this nut case, I as a mom of triplets have to once again field ridiculous questions everytime we leave the house. Her stupidity makes the public feel like they have the right to approach me and my 2 year olds with questions that are none of their damn business! I hate her.

  4. I’m just catching up on all your posts from the last few weeks. Oh. My. God. I can’t believe how much you have going on right now! But, I’m glad you’ve got another job.

    As for this woman. I don’t think the things she told her mom are exactly true. Like previous people said, how do you get paid to do IVF? 6 times?!?! I think she did Clomid or injectibles and only told her mom it was IVF. Plus, it is very hard for me to believe even an unscrupulous RE would transfer as many as 8 embryos. 4 or 5 maybe, but 8?

  5. is it wrong of me to hate her??? to think she’s a selfish evil bitch??

    did it ever occur to her, that she could have donated the frozen embryos? She could have offered to become a surrogate for someone else wanting children. You would THINK that someone who wanted children SOOOO bad, who was told she would never concieve naturally could show the SLIGHTEST bit of sympathy for others in similar situations.

    SHE is the reason why there are so many people thinking you should need a license before having kids.

  6. This story gets weirder by the minute. There has to be more going on here than the public knows.

    There is no way in hell that she could afford all of that if she is not working and is feeding and clothing 6 kids already.

    I think before this story is over we will hear even more disturbing details.

  7. Your letter is nicer than mine.

    I’m going to do a more detailed “picture” post of what I think is going on during the week next week. Using all of my librarian/cop/business analyst learned skills.

    I have a strong hunch that this is not on the up and up and immigration, financial, identity, and medical fraud may actually be involved.

    Of course, I have a rather suspicious nature.

    Paid for? Perhaps some very wealthy Iraqi couple did egg sharing – perhaps she is a second wife to someone in Iraq at the moment. And, she is divorced. Interestingly, none of the children have her husband as the father according to the latest reports.

    This case gets more and more bizarre by the minute.

  8. I really don’t think she did IVF.

    I mean, nobody’s talked to HER or her doctor, right? Just her mother? Quick, if you did IVF or IUIs, raise your hand if your parents could adequately explain the procedure! How many people do you know (who aren’t directly involved) who know that I-V-F is not interchangeable with A-R-T?

    The reason I don’t think she did IVF is…how did she pay for it? She’s living with her parents with six kids. Does it sound like she has $12,000 lying around, or $3000 for a FET? Wait, then there’s the cost of the donor sperm, right?

    Also, when was the last time that you heard of HOMs of that magnitude from IVF and not Clomid or IUIs? Never, right? Twins, definitely, triplets, sure, quads, maaaaaaybe, but beyond that, most of the HOMs I’ve heard of lately haven’t been IVF.

    My husband thinks there’s something fishy going on, like there is a father who now doesn’t want to be named so that he can’t be attached for child support on EIGHT FREAKING BABIES and the state will have to step in.


    Here’s what I know: Even when we get the rest of the story and it turns out to be something bizarre (and IUIs, natch), we who have done/are doing/need to do IVF are still going to get tarred with this stupid cow’s brush.

  9. I’m concerned about the statement that “she got paid for it” when asked how she afforded IVF.

    She paid for IVF and a sperm donor, and somehow did this all while living at home, no job, and she has at least one kid who is autistic.

    Jesus fucking christ, who paid her, and for what? What did she do to afford that many medical procedures?

    Sad part is, I know a Doctor in Toronto who has transferred multiple embryos in young women. But even that jerk makes women sign a document stating they will reduce the pregnancy. He won’t do it for anyone who is pro-life, because he knows that this could be the outcome.

    This is the saddest thing. It makes me sick to think of all the shitty people who will judge us now.

  10. I just cannot believe that her mother knows the entire story. It just doesn’t make any sense! Did she go to Mexico for treatment? She got “paid” to do IVF? I really thought she took Clomid but that news article just makes me shake my head and I really cannot grasp that that is the entire truth, my mind cannot wrap itself around this latest news story. I also just heard that her mother is sick of the news crews and told the daughter, “when you get out of the hospital, i’m not going to be here to help you” – she also has a bankruptcy, next we’ll hear she has no insurance either. There has got to be something we are missing here – wtf.

  11. Insanity. Reading between the lines seems to indicate that the doctor who helped her was not exactly on the up and up anyway. It sounds like she has mental issues. While I wouldn’t want to deny people the right to reproduce, if I were a fertility doctor, I would certainly be questioning this particular lady.

  12. Amen. I can’t stop thinking about how appalled i am each time I hear a new sliver of the background.

    Psychotic. Absolutely. and the RE too.

  13. SHe is not married. Never has been.

    Her prior 6 children? All conceived via IVF.

    Lives withher mother and father.


    And don’t get me fucking started on the ASS who transferred 8. Bullshit.

    This is wrong so many ways it isn’t even funny.

  14. Not only that, some of us can’t get individual health insurance policies because of a history of infertility because of dumbasses like her that make insurance companies assume all of us IF patients are going to have a litter.

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