I’m tying up some lose ends and one of them was the 3rd Annual Holiday Card Exchange. Here’s a couple of pictures of just a few of the cards we got this year from y’all.





Thank you to those who participated. It’s a simple little thing really, but I do get much joy from it and the trips to my mailbox over the month of December were full of anticipation as to not only who we would get a card from, but WHERE.

Of course, there will be a 4th Annual. Maybe this next time I’ll try to divvy the list out for those who are willing to do a mass exchange instead of me reaping all the rewards. Remember, it’s only 11 months away!

11 thoughts on “IT’S A WRAP”

  1. Ok…now I really feel like a heel for skipping it this year. But, if it makes you feel any better, I only sent 3 cards and they were all to people over 90.

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